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How Can We Discover What’s Right and Wrong?

Chris Morphew | Aug. 8, 2023

We say strong nations shouldn’t use their power to destroy weak nations. We say a fit and healthy parent should do what they can to help the vulnerable people in the family. But why? This extract from Chris Morphew's How Can I Be Sure What’s Right and Wrong? explores where we get this idea of morality from.... continue reading

What Do I Do When I'm Perplexed?

Katie Faris | May 30, 2022

We could spend all our limited time and energy chasing answers to our questions. It's certainly tempting to think that if we only caught them, we'd be satisfied. But what if God intended our questions to drive us to him—the satisfier of our souls—instead?... continue reading

Seven Things Every Christian Man Should Know about Periods

Rachel Jones | May 11, 2021

Ok, so maybe with a headline like that we need to back up and ask: Why does a Christian man need to know anything about periods? Well, like it or not, they’re coming for you. There’s a growing number of voices in our culture seeking to bust the taboos and bring periods into the mainstream. But there’s another, more compelling reason Christian men should know something about periods: your sisters in Christ have them.... continue reading

Should You Give Something Up for Lent?

Carl Laferton | Feb. 9, 2021

One of the few remaining links between Christianity and the culture is the idea of “giving something up for Lent”. It will be interesting to see if many people participate in this tradition during 2021, when it seems like most of us are giving up plenty already. But even if the sacrifices of this year haven’t already dissuaded you from going without, here are two good reasons not to join in this practice (and an idea for doing something different instead).... continue reading

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