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5 Insider Tips for Using Our Freebies With Your Family

Bethany McIlrath | September 14th 2023

Here are some insider tips on how to use our fun freebies to help kids interact with the truth of God's word after reading our books.... continue reading

Sneak Peek: The Training Young Hearts Series by Abbey Wedgeworth

Bethany McIlrath | September 12th 2023

We're so excited about the new Training Young Hearts Series by Abbey Wedgeworth. Read on for a sneak peek at the concept behind these lift-the-flap board books, as well as to see their framework.... continue reading

Behind-the-Scenes: The Creators of God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook

Avery Powers | September 9th 2023

We sat down with the author and the illustrator of God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook for an inside scoop into the creation of the book!... continue reading

5 Tips for Reading the Bible With Toddlers

Carl Laferton | September 7th 2023

Jesus said “Let the children come to me”—no one in your family is too young to start meeting Jesus in his word. But Jesus never promised that reading the Bible with little ones would always be easy! So here are five tips for reading the Bible with toddlers.... continue reading

Talking To Our Children about Gender and Gender Identity

Ed Drew | May 18th 2023

A friend of mine recently preached on gender. He found that all the parents wanted their teenagers in the sermons. When it comes to gender, we know that things have moved fast and we need help.... continue reading

Count Yourself Calm: Look Inside and Learn the Story Behind the Book

Bethany McIlrath | May 2nd 2023

Beautifully illustrated and empathetically written, Count Yourself Calm walks children through a calming activity that focuses their attention on God and helps them to manage their emotions. Read on to learn the story behind this unique resource and to peek inside.... continue reading

Eight Books to Give to Graduating Students

Avery Powers | April 13th 2023

Watching a child leave home for the first time is a painful challenge. You want them to find their footing in Jesus, especially in a culture that keeps on changing. 

To help, we’ve put together eight of our recommended books to give to graduating students. Read on to find the best one for the student in your life.... continue reading

Look Inside the New Keepsake Edition of Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know

Bethany McIlrath | April 11th 2023

Since its release in 2020, Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know has sold over 100,000 copies. We love hearing stories of families, teachers and ministries using this book to tell kids that the best thing in life is loving and following Jesus.... continue reading

Which Book in the Big Questions Series is Right For Your Tween?

Avery Powers | March 30th 2023

Does your tween struggle with their identity? Do they wonder how a good God could allow such bad things to happen in the world? Are they worried about heaven and hell?... continue reading

The True Story of Helen Roseveare, Missionary Doctor

Laura Wickham | March 7th 2023

Helen was born in Hertfordshire, England to Sir Martin and Lady Edith Roseveare. She was the second of five children. Her father was a mathematician who designed the ration books used in the UK during the Second World War.... continue reading

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