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The True Story of Helen Roseveare, Missionary Doctor

Laura Wickham | March 7th 2023

Helen was born in Hertfordshire, England to Sir Martin and Lady Edith Roseveare. She was the second of five children. Her father was a mathematician who designed the ration books used in the UK during the Second World War.... continue reading

How Well Do You Know the Story of David?

Bethany McIlrath | March 2nd 2023

Most of us have heard about David and Goliath, but there is a whole lot more to David’s story than that! As well as bows and arrows and slingstones and giants, did you know that the Bible’s account of the story of David and Saul also includes big battles, midnight escapes, caves, deserts, danger, decisions, madness, honey and cows?... continue reading

Not Just a Sheep-Boy

Katy Morgan | February 28th 2023

The following is an extract from Chapter 13 of The Songs of a Warrior, an imaginative yet biblically faithful account of the first two kings of Israel by Katy Morgan. This extract retells the story of Samuel’s visit to David told in 1 Samuel 16 v 1-13 and the story of how David started off in Saul’s service documented in 1 Samuel 16 v 14-23. ... continue reading

New Bible Storybook for Kids Releasing Fall 2023 from The Good Book Company

Bethany McIlrath | February 4th 2023

CHARLOTTE, NC - The Good Book Company is excited to announce the upcoming release of God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook (The Good Book Company, September 2023).... continue reading


Helping All Ages Love God’s Delightfully Different Family

Bethany McIlrath | January 31st 2023

Kids encounter diversity just like adults do. They meet people who are different from them - in the way they look, sound, behave, and more. Differences can make kids uneasy and unsure of how to interact. ... continue reading

The Best Christian Children's Books to Read at Christmas Time

Avery Powers | November 25th 2022

Sharing bedtime stories is perhaps one of the most beloved family traditions, especially around the holidays. So what better way to introduce Jesus to your kids than with a Christmas bedtime story? ... continue reading

Your 2022 Christmas Gift Guide (the Book Lover's Edition)

Bethany McIlrath | November 22nd 2022

As you write out Christmas lists for your loved ones, don't forget to include some gifts that point to the ultimate gift – Jesus! We recommend the following Christian books for Christmas gifts this year. There's something for everyone on your list!... continue reading

Wherever They Go, Whatever They Do, You Pray Your Kids Will Love Jesus

Bethany McIlrath | September 22nd 2022

Kids love to dream about what they might do when they grow up. They dream of what jobs they might have, of places they might go to, of people they might meet. ... continue reading

Getting All Ages Excited about Eternity with Jesus

Bethany McIlrath | September 1st 2022

What will heaven be like? What’s so exciting about spending forever in heaven? Why is Jesus the best part of eternity? Answering questions like these for kids can be challenging, especially as it’s hard to get past common myths. ... continue reading

Getting All Ages Excited about Talking to God

Bethany McIlrath | August 30th 2022

Some of us have a lot of questions about prayer—maybe so many that we feel nervous when we pray. What should we say? What about any other people listening? Do we have to wait until we’re somewhere quiet?... continue reading

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