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You Must Be Born Again

Adam Ramsey | February 14th 2023

When you think about it, your birthday is kind of weird. Each year, you have an entire day dedicated to being celebrated, sung to, stuffed with cake, and congratulated by everyone around you, for something that you contributed absolutely nothing to. You got born. Your contribution to the day of your birth, was, well, not exactly something you can boast in. If you don’t believe me, just ask your mother.... continue reading

Who Is Jesus Really?

J.D. Greear | February 9th 2023

At the center of Christianity is the person of Jesus. Because of that, it’s impossible to have a good grasp of the Christian gospel without having a grasp of who he is. So, who is Jesus?... continue reading

What Are You Seeking?

Adam Ramsey | January 24th 2023

Two disciples decide to trail Jesus as he leaves the Jordan River: the first is Andrew (the brother of Peter), while the second is generally speculated to be John (the author of this narrative). On the surface, it seems relatively straightforward. Andrew and John hear John the Baptiser proclaim, “Behold the Lamb of God!” and begin following Jesus as he makes his way back into town. Jesus, likely hearing footsteps trailing him, turns and asks what they want.... continue reading

Miscarriage Affects Men Too

Eric Schumacher | June 24th 2022

Every human pregnancy involves a mother and a father. A man and a woman contribute to conception. In most cases, a mother wants the father to take an active interest in the pregnancy and preparation for the baby's birth. Likewise, she often wants him to be a reassuring presence during labor and delivery—and an active partner in parenting. Naturally, she will want him to share the grief that miscarriage brings. Nevertheless, the father's experience with miscarriage often goes unaddressed in the contemporary church.

 ... continue reading

He Took The Wrath For Us

David Mathis | March 29th 2022

“Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us.” – Galatians 3:13

Great hymns, as we have seen—whether about Christ’s “wondrous cross” or his “precious blood”—have the ability to unite the family of God throughout history and around the world, in the truths that matter most. But when voices from within the church begin to question or deny what the church holds most dear, great hymns also become flashpoints of controversy.... continue reading

While You’re Waiting For Things To Be Made Right

Wendy Alsup | February 1st 2022

Joseph named his second son “Ephraim,” which sounds like the Hebrew word for “fruitful.” He gives his reason for choosing this name in Genesis 41:52: "God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction." My first reaction to this name was negative. I didn’t want to be fruitful in the land of my affliction. I wanted my affliction to end. ... continue reading

Four Ways Reading the Bible is Different to Reading Any Other Book

Gary Millar | January 20th 2022

In many ways, reading the Bible is like reading any other book. However, if the Bible is breathed out by God, there are some key differences that we need to take on board right at the start.... continue reading

10 Bible Verses About Family

Chelsea Stanley | January 11th 2022

When we brought our first son home from the hospital, my husband and I couldn’t get over how the doctors and nurses had just sent us on our way with a newborn. We felt like babies ourselves, but they had entrusted a tiny person to our care without any sort of instruction manual.... continue reading

Is Reconciliation Possible?

Wendy Alsup | January 4th 2022

“I forgive you.” These are simple words, but hard ones. Perhaps they are words you just can’t bring yourself to say. Has someone harmed you so deeply you cannot imagine releasing them of their debt to you? Or perhaps these are words you long to hear. Have you harmed a loved one? Does restoring the relationship seem impossible?... continue reading

2 Pitfalls to Avoid In Your Daily Bible Reading

Alistair Begg | December 30th 2021

“All Scripture is breathed out by God,” Paul famously wrote to Timothy (2 Timothy 3:16). The Bible is not a human product infused with divinity; it’s a divine gift produced through human instrumentality. Its every book, chapter, sentence, and syllable was originally given by God’s inspiration.... continue reading

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