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Leading The Church When People Leave

Jonathan K. Dodson | August 18th 2022

For the first time in ministry, I was genuinely tempted to close up my heart. I told myself I would love the church, counsel the church, pray for the church, and preach the gospel to the church as best as I could, but I would no longer befriend the church. Friends would be found elsewhere.... continue reading

Receiving Criticism in Christ

Jonathan K. Dodson | August 14th 2022

During an unusually tense time in our church, a small group of progressively-minded people began critiquing my sermons. I received passive-aggressive texts, lengthy, impassioned emails, and often heard “what so and so thought” about last Sunday’s message. Gossip is, perhaps, the most hurtful. It’s painful and awkward to know a person disapproves of you enough to talk about you to others, but is unwilling to talk with you in person to move towards resolution in Christ.... continue reading

7 Tips for Finding Good Bible Studies for Your Group

Bethany McIlrath | June 30th 2022

Where do you start when it comes time to pick a good Bible study for your small group? Some of us start by searching for studies about a book of the Bible we'd like our group to look at together. Others might see what's new at their favorite Christian bookstore or on one of their favorite Bible teacher's websites.... continue reading

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