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5 Things to Pray for Your Parents When They’re Feeling Lonely

Chelsea Stanley | May 27th 2021

If you’re an adult child, chances are that your parents may be among those who are feeling the ache of loneliness right now. There are lots of ways to come alongside them and help them feel less lonely—calling them regularly, sending a note, and dropping off a meal can be tangible expressions of love for sure. But there are times when even our kindest gestures can’t fill the void of loneliness, and the best thing we can do for our parents is to turn to the only one who can.... continue reading

Praying That God Will Bring My Parents Joy

Chelsea Stanley | May 25th 2021

This is an extract from 5 Things to Pray for Your Parents by Chelsea Stanley to help you pray for your parents, that they would find their joy in our everlasting God rather than the temporary things of this world. Below are five prayer prompts based on Psalm 16 v 8-11.... continue reading

When the world feels too big

Helen Thorne | May 19th 2021

For many of us, the world has shrunk over the past year. Rather than going out to work, we’ve stayed home – rather than taking our children to school, there have been months of sitting next to them in front of screens. Church has been online. Social events have been reduced to the occasional walk with a solitary friend. Homes that were once a hub of hospitality have been eerily quiet.... continue reading

How to respond to your kids' difficult questions

Chris Morphew | April 27th 2021

As a Christian Studies teacher, one of the first things I tell my classes as the new school year begins is how welcome they are to disrupt my lesson plans with their questions. I invite them to imagine our class as a road trip where we each have one hand on the steering wheel. I have a map and a plan (and I reserve the right to point us back on-track when we’re headed into a ditch) but I’ll happily let them steer us down a side road if they see something interesting—because I’m convinced that the detour is often the best part of the trip.... continue reading

Betsey Stockton: The Most Amazing Missionary You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Laura Caputo-Wickham | April 22nd 2021

The following text is the full biography featured in the back of the new children’s book about Betsey Stockton’s inspiring life by Laura Wickham. This back section offers a detailed outline for older kids and parents who enjoyed reading the illustrated storybook version.... continue reading

Why Kids Need to Know More About Female Christian Role Models

Laura Caputo-Wickham | April 20th 2021

For far too long, the word ‘Biography’ was associated with the image of dusty tomes, stacked on the bookshelves of stuffy professors’ studies. But all this changed the moment these were made accessible and available to young children. Stories of great men and women of the past have been re-told through bold images and simple language.... continue reading

When Nurturing Life Feels Like Dying

Liz Wann | March 4th 2021

Sometimes, parenting can just be too much. There are many times when I reach my breaking point. It’s not just the physical needs of my children that are demanding, but their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs as well.... continue reading

3 Ways Motherhood Can Make You More Like Christ

Liz Wann | March 2nd 2021

My husband and I have had a tough year as parents—as I’m sure many other parents have too. Our two year old started to show more of her personality, which kept us all on our toes. Our middle son began displaying a new level of misbehavior that stopped my husband and I in our tracks and, at points, left us broken down in tears. The dynamic between all three of our children took a new turn we weren’t prepared for.... continue reading

Why Bother Reading Christian Books to Toddlers?

Carl Laferton | February 19th 2021

Just as a toddler learns language by listening to what they don’t yet understand, so with Christian truth. We’re giving them a framework for life and biblical concepts that they won’t fully grasp, but that they will increasingly grasp as they grow. Their level of understanding will catch up with what they’re hearing.... continue reading

How to Teach the Bible Without Boring Kids

Steph Williams | February 18th 2021

Family Bible times don’t always go where we expect them to. To be honest, sometimes they don’t even start how we intend! Someone is shoving their brother, another child only seems capable of being upside down… Their attention span is suddenly so short! And yet the Bible is full of gripping true stories, entertaining illustrations, and of course is God’s life-changing word.... continue reading