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The Power of a Simple Story

Dan DeWitt | July 6th 2021

Powerful stories speak to a universal need and point to eternal truths. That’s why the stories in the Bible, above all stories, have perennial appeal. Even epic stories outside the Bible that garner massive attention often do so through redemptive themes that only make sense from a Christian perspective.... continue reading

How could a good God allow so much suffering?

Chris Morphew | April 29th 2021

Maybe you’re going through something awful and heartbreaking yourself—or maybe someone you love is. Or maybe it’s just that the constant stream of horrible stuff on the news is making you feel anxious and scared about the world, and you don’t know how to make sense of it all. Maybe you wonder where God is in the middle of all this.... continue reading

How to respond to your kids' difficult questions

Chris Morphew | April 27th 2021

As a Christian Studies teacher, one of the first things I tell my classes as the new school year begins is how welcome they are to disrupt my lesson plans with their questions. I invite them to imagine our class as a road trip where we each have one hand on the steering wheel. I have a map and a plan (and I reserve the right to point us back on-track when we’re headed into a ditch) but I’ll happily let them steer us down a side road if they see something interesting—because I’m convinced that the detour is often the best part of the trip.... continue reading

Betsey Stockton: The Most Amazing Missionary You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Laura Caputo-Wickham | April 22nd 2021

The following text is the full biography featured in the back of the new children’s book about Betsey Stockton’s inspiring life by Laura Wickham. This back section offers a detailed outline for older kids and parents who enjoyed reading the illustrated storybook version.... continue reading

Why Kids Need to Know More About Female Christian Role Models

Laura Caputo-Wickham | April 20th 2021

For far too long, the word ‘Biography’ was associated with the image of dusty tomes, stacked on the bookshelves of stuffy professors’ studies. But all this changed the moment these were made accessible and available to young children. Stories of great men and women of the past have been re-told through bold images and simple language.... continue reading

Choosing a Children's Bible

Alison Mitchell | March 16th 2021

Whether you are a parent, godparent or Sunday School teacher, you will want the children in your care to come to know the Lord for themselves—through His Word. So any children’s Bible you choose for them needs to support that aim, not hinder it. So here are some principles to guide you, so that you can browse the bookshelves with confidence.... continue reading

Introducing The Board Book Version of our Bestselling Kids Book

Joe Henegan | February 23rd 2021

Teach children the big story of the Bible. ... continue reading

Why Bother Reading Christian Books to Toddlers?

Carl Laferton | February 19th 2021

Just as a toddler learns language by listening to what they don’t yet understand, so with Christian truth. We’re giving them a framework for life and biblical concepts that they won’t fully grasp, but that they will increasingly grasp as they grow. Their level of understanding will catch up with what they’re hearing.... continue reading

How to Teach the Bible Without Boring Kids

Steph Williams | February 18th 2021

Family Bible times don’t always go where we expect them to. To be honest, sometimes they don’t even start how we intend! Someone is shoving their brother, another child only seems capable of being upside down… Their attention span is suddenly so short! And yet the Bible is full of gripping true stories, entertaining illustrations, and of course is God’s life-changing word.... continue reading

Breaking Down Barriers In How We Explain the Gospel

Steph Williams | February 16th 2021

The words we use in our gospel explanations can feel so far removed from everyday conversation. Concepts like sin and punishment are understood less and less, since our postmodern culture has lost the concept of God. These words can be associated with a kind of angry, personal vengeance and a negative self-image.... continue reading