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Hymns We Love: Introducing Our New Outreach Resource for Seniors

Pippa Cramer | June 29th 2023

Hymns We Love is an outreach program designed to introduce seniors to the good news of the gospel. Hear from the course presenter, Pippa Cramer, to find out how you can use it to care for this sadly often-neglected generation.... continue reading

Preview Our New Seniors Ministry Resource

Pippa Cramer | June 29th 2023

Older adults are the fastest-growing age demographic across the Western world, and yet there are few materials to support churches who want to help this older generation hear about God’s love. Hymns We Love aims to fill that gap. It is a gentle evangelistic series which uses well-loved hymns to share the good news of Jesus and key truths about God’s character in an accessible way.... continue reading

How Beloved Hymns Have Impacted the Lives of Seniors

Pippa Cramer | June 22nd 2023

A few years ago, my church had the idea of using traditional hymns as a way to explain truths about the Christian faith to seniors. We were looking for a welcoming and non-threatening approach, and we recognised just how precious hymns are to this generation. They resonate with a lifetime of memories, even for those suffering from increasing short-term memory loss, and even for non-believers.... continue reading

From Rabbits to Resurrection: Tips for Sharing Christ at Easter

Tim Thornborough | February 23rd 2023

Having Easter as part of the cultural landscape can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing that we have public recognition that it is Good Friday and Easter Sunday—the most significant moments in the Christian calendar. (Christmas comes a close third.) ... continue reading

Is Jesus’ Resurrection Credible?

Rebecca McLaughlin | February 21st 2023

The extraordinary spread of Christianity, both numerically and geographically, doesn’t prove that Jesus really rose again. But how a man born into a subjugated ethnic group in an obscure Roman province—who lived poor, died young, who never wrote a book, raised an army, or sat on a throne—has come to be the most impactful human in all human history does require some kind of explanation.... continue reading

5 Ideas to Intentionally Share the Gospel This Christmas

Bethany McIlrath | October 6th 2022

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to share Christ with those around us. In the midst of festive parties, gatherings with loved ones, and a multitude of seasonal events, how can we share the gospel clearly at Christmas time? Here are a few practical ideas. ... continue reading

Five Fascinating Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Alison Mitchell | June 2nd 2022

Queen Elizabeth II has been Britain’s queen for over 70 years, having become queen in 1926 when she was just 25 years old. During her reign she has worked with 14 British prime ministers and met every US president since Harry S. Truman (except for President Lyndon B. Johnson). She has also met chart-topping pop stars, medal-winning athletes, and knew the Bible teachers Billy Graham and John Stott. Her travels have taken her to over 110 countries across six continents, making her Britain’s best-traveled as well as longest-reigning monarch.... continue reading

How Do I Share the Gospel?

Randy Newman | April 7th 2022

Paul told Timothy to “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4:5). We might consider that he’d say the same thing to us. We should take comfort in knowing that Timothy was a timid non-evangelist. But that comfort could diminish when we realize his shyness didn’t let him “off the hook." He was still to do that work—as difficult and as daunting as it may have seemed.... continue reading

Are you ready to rethink evangelism?

Avery Powers | January 13th 2022

In an anxiety-saturated world, it's critical that we effectively reach people with the hope of Christ. Hope Explored is a 3-session program that looks at the real hope found in Luke's gospel. ... continue reading

Recommended Reads for Thanksgiving

Bethany McIlrath | November 4th 2021

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. With all the bustle and busyness, many of us ironically find it harder to be joyful and content during this season of giving thanks, social gatherings, and celebrating our Savior.... continue reading

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