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Are You Bored With The Nativity?

Christopher Ash | November 21st 2019

Confession time: I don’t particularly like Christmas. I think it goes back to my days as a local church minister with a young family.... continue reading


How The Village Church Taught Me To Find Joy In Sorrow

Matt Chandler | October 3rd 2019

My phone rang around 8:30 a.m. I answered and heard a frantic voice on the line saying something I couldn’t quite make out, except for the words “accident,” “fishing,” and “dead.”... continue reading


Outgrowing Facts: Inaccuracies in Richard Dawkins' New Book

George Heath-Whyte | September 26th 2019

Richard Dawkins was asked by journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy in an interview recently, “If you could change the world, how would you change it?” His answer was that he would rid us of “anything that’s not evidence based, where factual knowledge is concerned”. Unfortunately for Dawkins, that may mean he needs to start ripping pages from his new book.... continue reading


5 Ways the Gospel Shapes Our Approach to Sexual Abuse

Phillip Bethancourt | July 30th 2019

We need to embrace a clear understanding of how the gospel shapes our approach to sexual abuse in five significant ways.... continue reading


Sometimes Jesus Lets People Walk Away

Jonty Allcock | July 23rd 2019

Many of our problems in living for Jesus stem from the root problem that we think we can do it. We assume we have the power. So we set about trying to push the camel through the eye of a needle.... continue reading


The Sickly Sweet Fly-Trap Of Sentimentality

Dan Strange | July 9th 2019

This idolatry is subtle, but like a venus fly-trap we’re lured in and then stuck in its sickly sweet stickiness. ... continue reading


6 books I recommend for Studying Christian Ethics

Andrew T. Walker | May 7th 2019

I frequently get asked to recommend books that introduce readers to the subject of Christian ethics. Actually, I get asked often enough that it’s time to write out a list of books that I can point people to quickly.... continue reading


9 Things You Might Have Missed From The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

Rachel Jones | March 19th 2019

Here are a few hidden details you can spot as you read it.... continue reading


How Glorious Theology Becomes Distasteful

Ray Ortlund | March 4th 2019

We corrupt everything we touch. That's a teaching of Calvinism, and we sure are proving it.... continue reading


This Lent, Even if it’s For the First Time, Open Up Your Bible With Your Children

Ed Drew | February 25th 2019

Parenting is often the story of loving our children enough to muddle through when we don’t really know what we’re doing.... continue reading

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