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How to Care for Those Who Mourn

Melissa Zaldivar | October 3rd 2022

When we’re facing the overwhelming nature of grief, we don’t need someone to show up and try to solve all our problems. (In fact, doing that takes the place of God if we’re not careful.) In our questioning, we need companionship more than answers at times. And I have found that comfort is found when we love one another intentionally and in a way that doesn’t complicate things.... continue reading

Receiving Criticism in Christ

Jonathan K. Dodson | August 14th 2022

During an unusually tense time in our church, a small group of progressively-minded people began critiquing my sermons. I received passive-aggressive texts, lengthy, impassioned emails, and often heard “what so and so thought” about last Sunday’s message. Gossip is, perhaps, the most hurtful. It’s painful and awkward to know a person disapproves of you enough to talk about you to others, but is unwilling to talk with you in person to move towards resolution in Christ.... continue reading

Free Ebook: Truth on Fire by Adam Ramsey

Abigail Talbott | June 6th 2022

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Staff Picks of the Year: What We Loved Reading in 2021

Michael Page | December 23rd 2021

We are all about books here at The Good Book Company. Books that serve Christians of all ages by being biblical, relevant and accessible. We also, from time to time, read books from other publishers too (I know, shocking).

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The Best Book for Each Person on Your Christmas List

Avery Powers | November 25th 2021

Unsure what to give your loved ones this Christmas? Fret not—we’ve compiled a list of the perfect read for everyone on your list.... continue reading

Staff Picks of the Year: What We Loved Reading in 2020

Joe Henegan | December 8th 2020

Here's a list of what some of The Good Book Company staff have been reading in 2020...... continue reading

The Best Book for Each Person on Your Christmas List

Bethany McIlrath | November 27th 2020

‘Tis the season for sharing hope and joy with the people you love! We’ve rounded up these gift ideas to inspire you as you consider what to get each person on your list. Be sure to browse our Cyber Week deals before December 4th for more ideas and savings as you shop. ... continue reading

Meet the Family Behind our Popular New Kid's Book

Sarah Parker | May 28th 2020

Today we wanted to introduce you to the family behind Seek and Find: Old Testament Bible Stories. Sarah Parker, the author, shares how the book came to be… ... continue reading

5 People to Bless With Books As We Find a New Normal

Bethany McIlrath | May 21st 2020

Here are some ideas for who you could share encouraging, relevant books with during this time.... continue reading

6 Ways to Look Godly While Not Growing in your Faith in 2020

Carl Laferton | January 6th 2020

I am a master at appearing more godly than I actually am. ... continue reading