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Bestsellers of 2023

Avery Powers | Dec. 5, 2023

It’s that time of year again! We loved spending 2023 poring over God’s Word with you. To celebrate, here’s a list of your favorite books of the year (also known as our bestsellers). 

Take a look at each one, and maybe pick out a few for your Christmas list!... continue reading

New Book-Reviewers to Follow in 2024

Abigail Talbott | Nov. 28, 2023

We’re looking forward to continuing to partner with book reviewers from all around the world, and to receiving their valuable and honest feedback. If you’re looking for new reads, we think you might enjoy giving them a follow, too.... continue reading

Useful Resources

Book Reviews

Bible-Based Advent Activity Ideas for Kids and Families

Bethany McIlrath | Nov. 2, 2023

The Christmas season is such a sweet time for families - but it’s also a busy one! It can be a challenge to keep the focus on Christ in December. We've rounded up some practical recommendations below that can help your family spend a little time together daily celebrating our wonderful Savior.... continue reading

Sneak Peak: Our Children's Christmas Curriculum

Alexa Burstow | Oct. 12, 2023

Knowing how to talk about the Christmas story with your kids in a fresh way year after year can be a challenge, especially if your kids span a large age range. This three-lesson series for 3-12-year-olds is a great resource to use alongside The Christmas Promise storybook in the run-up to Christmas, whether at home or at church.... continue reading

New for Your Church This Christmas

Bethany Davies | Oct. 3, 2023

Wherever you are, however your church does Christmas, we’ve got a whole host of resources to help your ministry this year. And if you're organized and order your resources before Nov 1, we’ll give you a free gift!... continue reading

Beginning Discipleship at an Early Age

Abbey Wedgeworth | Aug. 15, 2023

Abbey Wedgeworth, author of the new Training Young Hearts series, shows us how to disciple our children well, and train them up in the love, grace, and truth of God.... continue reading

5 Family Resources for the Back-to-School Season

Abigail Talbott | Aug. 1, 2023

The start of a new school year is the perfect time to set new routines and rhythms as a family. We’ve got some exciting new releases to help you and your family dive into God’s Word this fall!... continue reading

Your Church Is the Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Be Part Of

Carl Laferton | Jan. 16, 2023

Here is a passage in which every single clause is joy-dynamite:

“You are no longer strangers and aliens…

but you are fellow citizens with the saints…... continue reading

The Never-Ending Gifts of Christmas

Jared C. Wilson | Oct. 10, 2022

I know it’s only October, but as a lot of us begin putting together our Christmas gift lists for loved ones, I think it’s worth asking: Do you remember what you got for Christmas last year? I don’t. Oh, I’m sure you remember if, for instance, you got engaged, your parents gave you some fantastic vacation, or like those lucky weirdos in the TV ads, you got a brand new luxury car in the driveway with one of those gigantic bows on top. (I bet you even remember where you put that bow.) But most of us receive a variety of thoughtful gifts from our loved ones that we appreciate and then tend to get used to and forget about twelve months later.... continue reading

5 Ideas to Intentionally Share the Gospel This Christmas

Bethany McIlrath | Oct. 6, 2022

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to share Christ with those around us. In the midst of festive parties, gatherings with loved ones, and a multitude of seasonal events, how can we share the gospel clearly at Christmas time? Here are a few practical ideas. ... continue reading

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