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I’m Dreaming of a Thankful Christmas

Ed Drew | November 23rd 2021

Every family does Christmas differently. My wife’s family would open their presents at the kitchen table, each opening one gift at a time with a few words of surprise and comment from others. I found it a bit intense (and the moment her mom held up her new knickers will live with me forever). We grew up with all of us opening our presents at the same time. It worked for us. Until the wrapping-paper blizzard. In that moment, it felt like my family were ripping through each present without gratitude or any sense that someone had generously given it to them.... continue reading

Recommended Reads for Thanksgiving

Bethany McIlrath | November 4th 2021

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. With all the bustle and busyness, many of us ironically find it harder to be joyful and content during this season of giving thanks, social gatherings, and celebrating our Savior.... continue reading

Christmas Cards in an Instant Age

Emily Robertson | October 14th 2021

There’s something wonderfully warming about receiving a handwritten card or letter. Having endured multiple lockdowns over the last 18 months, the importance of letters, parcels and personal signs of relationship over physical distance has been brought into sharper focus. Every card that was sent or received symbolised connection that couldn’t be expressed in other ways.... continue reading

Telling Stories to God's Glory

Jackie Hill Perry | August 26th 2021

Right now a lot of people are turning away from or changing their beliefs, not based on theology but based on compelling narratives that they’ve heard. Stories are literally shaping the way people think about God and sex and sin and money.... continue reading

Uncomplicating Prayer: One Word Changes Everything

J D Greear | August 3rd 2021

For many of us, prayer is a struggle. There are plenty of reasons for this: we aren’t sure prayer works; we don’t know how to reconcile prayer with God’s sovereignty; we’ve had unanswered prayers in the past. But one of the most common obstacles goes deeper than all that: many of our prayer struggles arise from a fundamentally wrong view of God. We see God as reluctant and distant. Sure, he listens to us, but it’s not his favourite thing to do—and honestly, it requires a lot of patience on his part. ... continue reading

Helping New Christians Start a Life of Faith

Gary Millar | July 1st 2021

It was both a thrill and a very strange feeling to be asked to lead a group of new Christians (or “almost Christians”) through Need to Know (NTK). After years of wanting a resource to help people who have recently become Christians (or for whom the gospel had recently started to make sense and grip them), now the rubber had finally hit the road!... continue reading

The Church Isn’t Closed For Summer

Bethany McIlrath | June 28th 2021

As summer gets into full swing, many churches offer fewer events like Bible studies and weekly kids’ programs. This is just part of the busy season of vacations, weddings, grad parties, and more. But, the Church itself doesn’t close for summer. God’s still working in and through his people. Many are still in need of the gospel. Fellowship is as valuable as ever (even if it takes place in gardens for a time). ... continue reading

What is Father’s Day to the Fatherless Child?

Blair Linne | June 18th 2021

Growing up without my father on Father’s Day, I would often make out my card to my mother. I would tell of all the ways she provided for me and protected me and how grateful I was. As I’ve grown older I realized that my mother could not take the place of my father. Her role was to model things about God that were different from how my father could. Of course, ideally, the two of them would be Christians working together to create a beautiful bountiful bungalow for me to thrive in.... continue reading

5 Things to Pray for Your Parents When They’re Feeling Lonely

Chelsea Stanley | May 27th 2021

If you’re an adult child, chances are that your parents may be among those who are feeling the ache of loneliness right now. There are lots of ways to come alongside them and help them feel less lonely—calling them regularly, sending a note, and dropping off a meal can be tangible expressions of love for sure. But there are times when even our kindest gestures can’t fill the void of loneliness, and the best thing we can do for our parents is to turn to the only one who can.... continue reading

How Voices from the Past Can Encourage Us Today

Tim Chester | January 25th 2021

To help fix our gaze on Jesus, we are surrounded by “a great cloud of witnesses”. For the first readers of Hebrews, these witnesses were the saints of the Old Testament, whose faith in God’s promises had sustained them through troubling times and had enabled them to achieve great things in God’s name. But as readers today, we can add names from across the pages of church history to that crowd of cheering spectators.... continue reading