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Did Jesus Bring Peace or Division?

Alistair Begg | November 30th 2021

Did Jesus come to bring peace on earth, as the angels sang at the first Christmas (Luke 2:14)? Or did He come to bring division, as He Himself announces here?


How are we to reconcile Jesus’ claims that He would bring both peace and division?... continue reading

The Promised King

Tim Chester | November 18th 2021

For many people the future feels gloomy.

In Isaiah’s day, the future looked gloomy for God’s people too.... continue reading

Toothpaste or Champagne?

Tim Chester | November 16th 2021

Whenever I get to the end of a tube of toothpaste, I carefully roll up the tube to squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste. And that’s how my evangelism so often feels. I wrap myself up in guilt until a tiny bit of Jesus squeezes out.... continue reading

Sample: Day 1 of The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

Sinclair Ferguson | November 14th 2021

The following is an extract of Day 1 of Sinclair Ferguson’s new Advent devotional, The Dawn of Redeeming Grace. Available as a paperback and audiobook read by Sinclair himself.... continue reading

Sample: The Day Mary Visited Zechariah and Elizabeth

Katy Morgan | November 11th 2021

The following is a sample from one of the chapters in The Promise and the Light by Katy Morgan. Written as a series of vivid and dramatic first-person accounts, the book tells the stories of Mary, Joseph and Zechariah as they experience the events of the first Christmas... continue reading

Is There Evidence Outside of the Bible that Jesus was a Real Person?

Rebecca McLaughlin | October 28th 2021

“I told all my friends that Santa isn’t real, but Jesus is!”

When my five-year-old came home with this news, her teacher had already told me (with concern) that she’d been directing other kids to act out the Christmas story. “You’re Mary. You’re Joseph. You’re the angel.” I was torn between admiring her gumption and dreading awkward conversations with other parents!

 ... continue reading

The Women in Jesus’s Genealogy

Sinclair Ferguson | October 21st 2021

Women are mentioned only occasionally in biblical genealogies (as in 1 Chronicles 1:32, 50). Usually these family trees take the form “X [the father] begat Y [the son]” and make no mention of the mother. What sticks out in Matthew’s account of Jesus’ genealogy is that it mentions five women altogether. There must be a reason for this. And why only these women? After all, every man listed had a mother.... continue reading

We are Waiting People

Sinclair Ferguson | October 19th 2021

They say time is relative, and it can certainly seem that way as Christmas approaches. To a busy parent—with presents to wrap, cards to send, meals to prepare, and spare batteries to remember to buy—time seems to fly. There is not enough of it—and there is simply too much to do.... continue reading

Confronting the Truth of Fatherhood

Blair Linne | October 7th 2021

I was 18 when I realized my backbone was no longer made for bending. Prior to that, fear had won for so many years. Now I finally pried off the muzzle from over my mouth and confronted my father’s scarceness during one of our sporadic phone calls.... continue reading

How C.S. Lewis Helped Lead Me to Christ

Randy Newman | September 30th 2021

It’s the intertwining of the two forces of mind and imagination that, I believe, made C.S. Lewis such a powerful evangelist, not only for me but for countless others. An expert on medieval literature may not seem like the kind of person God would use for widespread evangelistic fruit. But Lewis saw himself as a “translator—one turning Christian doctrine ... into language that unscholarly people would attend to and could understand.”... continue reading