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How to Make Visitors Feel Welcome at Your Church (Without Joining the Greeter Team)

Jen Oshman | April 4th 2023

Theologian and author Rebecca McLaughlin says, “An alone person in our gatherings is an emergency.” She and her husband have made a rule for themselves that anytime they see someone alone at their worship services, they must stop what they’re doing and go chat with or sit next to that person.... continue reading

Easter Hope from the Gospel of Luke

Mike McKinley | March 23rd 2023

Luke’s account of the actual resurrection is remarkably spare given its significance in the gospel message; he simply reports the words of the angels: “He is not here; he has risen!” (Luke 24:6). ... continue reading

From Rabbits to Resurrection: Tips for Sharing Christ at Easter

Tim Thornborough | February 23rd 2023

Having Easter as part of the cultural landscape can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing that we have public recognition that it is Good Friday and Easter Sunday—the most significant moments in the Christian calendar. (Christmas comes a close third.) ... continue reading

Is Jesus’ Resurrection Credible?

Rebecca McLaughlin | February 21st 2023

The extraordinary spread of Christianity, both numerically and geographically, doesn’t prove that Jesus really rose again. But how a man born into a subjugated ethnic group in an obscure Roman province—who lived poor, died young, who never wrote a book, raised an army, or sat on a throne—has come to be the most impactful human in all human history does require some kind of explanation.... continue reading

12 Quotes to Meditate on This Lent Season

Avery Powers | February 16th 2023

We are one week away from the start of Lent! As we begin to direct our focus on the days leading up to Christ’s death and resurrection, it can be helpful to reflect on the words of other believers. To help, we’ve put together 10 quotes about our Savior and what his death and resurrection mean for us, even today.... continue reading

Our Recommended Reads for Lent

Avery Powers | February 2nd 2023

Very little can compare to time spent reflecting on the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior. That’s what has made Lent so special to believers all over the world since its formation in the fourth century. Starting February 22, we encourage you to join your brothers and sisters in Christ in a joyful meditation on the life of Jesus!... continue reading

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