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Our Prayers Reflect Our Relationships

Alistair Begg | October 3rd 2022

Paul and the Philippian believers enjoyed a partnership grounded in the gospel. Theirs wasn’t a static fellowship based on a little bit of common belief. Rather, it was a deepening friendship that blossomed as they continued “striving side by side for the faith of the gospel” and to “work out” their salvation “with fear and trembling” (Philippians 1:27; 2:12).... continue reading

Working Hard or Hardly Working—Spiritual Habits and the Pitfalls of Legalism

Sophie Killingley | September 15th 2022

Do you want to cultivate good spiritual habits but avoid soul-crushing guilt and shame when it all comes crashing down five days into your new plan?

Me too! 

Before I hit you with the hard sell of “Please buy my new creative spiritual journal—it will help, honestly”, let’s talk about spiritual habits and legalism.... continue reading

Small Dreams, Big Rewards

Seth Lewis | September 8th 2022

The kingdom of heaven is not a kingdom of sour self-sacrifice, long-faced long-suffering, or dour duty. The kingdom of heaven is a kingdom where people do backwards things, things like giving up everything they have, and they do it out of pure, overflowing, unstoppable joy (Matthew 13:44)! Why? Because everything you have is nothing compared to the untold riches of heaven. Because giving everything in service to God and the bigger story he is writing is no loss if you’re already secure in your identity.... continue reading

Climbing Down to Glory

Seth Lewis | September 6th 2022

Jesus came to save small people, because that’s the only size people come in. The fact that he came to the lowest and smallest of humanity is stunning, but not as stunning as the fact that he came to humanity in the first place. The biggest step down for Jesus was leaving heaven. After that giant leap, the steps between human social classes were tiny. The best of our palaces wouldn’t be that impressive to a man who is at home on heaven’s throne. Nothing we have on our tiny speck of dust in the stars could compare to where he came from.... continue reading

Serve Where God Has Placed You

Alistair Begg | August 25th 2022

When Esther hesitated to speak to King Ahasuerus about Haman’s plot against the Jews, Mordecai’s response was, to quote Iain M. Duguid in Esther and Ruth, Reformed Expository Commentary, “grounded in the reality and necessity of God’s intervention.”... continue reading

Leading The Church When People Leave

Jonathan K. Dodson | August 18th 2022

For the first time in ministry, I was genuinely tempted to close up my heart. I told myself I would love the church, counsel the church, pray for the church, and preach the gospel to the church as best as I could, but I would no longer befriend the church. Friends would be found elsewhere.... continue reading

How Our Culture Disciples Our Children

Chris Swain | August 6th 2022

Teaching your children to walk pales in comparison to teaching them to walk with wisdom in a world flooded with foolishness. Likewise, teaching your children to talk, and use proper grammar is child’s play compared to teaching them to be slow to speak, and to do so with grace and humility amidst the godless banter of modern media.... continue reading

To the Discipling Parent Whose Child Seems Disconnected

Melissa Swain | August 5th 2022

Connection. If you’re like most of us, you think about connection in the context of our digital age—connected via social media, gaming, video platforms, and even the electrical grid. Always on, always going. Disconnecting is what everyone is screaming about, as they post waterfall photos to show the rest of the world just how unplugged they are. But what if connection is something we need? I don’t mean with thousands of strangers via social media. I mean with our kids. ... continue reading

To the Parent Who Is Discipling Their Kids Alone

Melissa Swain | August 4th 2022

There are many reasons why a parent might be the solo discipler in the home. Maybe you’re the only parent. Maybe you’re the only parent who follows after Jesus. Maybe your spouse is deployed, or their job requires them to be away for long periods of time, or you are widowed, or your child’s other parent has never been present. Whatever the case may be, family dynamics are much more complicated than neat little demographic boxes we check on a registration form. And that complicates not only our lives, but our discipling relationships with our kids. ... continue reading

To the Busy Parent Who Wants to Disciple Their Kids

Melissa Swain | August 2nd 2022

If your schedule looks anything like mine, it can make a person uninitiated in the realm of color-coded calendars dizzy. There’s a color dedicated to this kid, a color dedicated to that kid. One for work stuff, one for family stuff, and even the dogs have their own special color on the calendar. Ok, so the dogs don’t have a lot of appointments, but once you go down that color-coding rabbit hole, you just can’t leave them out. Or maybe you’re more of a non-calendar person and sticky notes are your thing. Whatever your method is, if you have kids, you’re probably busier than you want to be.... continue reading