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Our Recommended Reads for Your Mental Health

Avery Powers | March 10th 2023

As Christians, it can be tempting to self-isolate in our mental-health struggles. We sometimes feel that we should have it all together so we can better serve our church family. But while it is important to cling to our joy in the Lord, it’s equally important to recognize and seek help in our struggles as we do so. ... continue reading

When God Seems Silent

Adam Mabry | March 9th 2023

Most of the times I have read Habakkuk, I have moved quickly past verse 5 to the rest of the book. But verse 5 actually contains wisdom for us about how to live through moments of God’s silence. It is, after all, the exhortation that God himself gives to a man who has been living with that experience for some time.... continue reading

Singing on Sunday Means More Than You Think

Tony Merida | January 18th 2023

One morning during corporate worship, I leaned toward one of the little girls in our church, Summer, who was trying to read the lyrics and sing along, and asked her, “Do you like church?” She replied, “Not really, but I like the singing.” I appreciated her honesty! ... continue reading

Your Church Is the Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Be Part Of

Carl Laferton | January 16th 2023

Here is a passage in which every single clause is joy-dynamite:

“You are no longer strangers and aliens…

but you are fellow citizens with the saints…... continue reading

Are Your Dreams for The New Year Holy? 5 Questions to Test Your Ambitions

Denise J. Hughes | December 27th 2022

One day, while passing the food processors in Bed Bath & Beyond, I came across a large piece of wall art that said, “Dream until your dreams come true.” I stopped mid-aisle and stared at those words. We encounter some version of this message everywhere we go: “Never give up on your dreams!” Indeed, one of the loudest messages in the Western world is for us to dream big and do all we can to pursue our dreams.... continue reading

If You’ve Been Hurt by What Should Have Been Safe

Denise J. Hughes | December 6th 2022

I understand the deep disappointments and disillusionments that come when the very people we should be able to turn to are not the people we thought they were. When this happens, it spurs in us untold questions. Who can we turn to? Where can we go with our hurts and our questions? ... continue reading

Love Hopes All Things

Sinclair Ferguson | November 8th 2022

When we say, “I hope so” we do not usually mean the same thing as the New Testament does. We may be hoping for a white Christmas, even though the weatherman is predicting “sunny and cold with occasional showers”. That is not hope but wishful thinking.... continue reading

Christian Quotes To Reflect on This Thanksgiving

Avery Powers | November 2nd 2022

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to reflect on the year with friends and family. With all the noise of our modern age, how can we truly slow down, remove our focus from our own worries and extend love to those around us?... continue reading

Our Prayers Reflect Our Relationships

Alistair Begg | October 3rd 2022

Paul and the Philippian believers enjoyed a partnership grounded in the gospel. Theirs wasn’t a static fellowship based on a little bit of common belief. Rather, it was a deepening friendship that blossomed as they continued “striving side by side for the faith of the gospel” and to “work out” their salvation “with fear and trembling” (Philippians 1:27; 2:12).... continue reading

Working Hard or Hardly Working—Spiritual Habits and the Pitfalls of Legalism

Sophie Killingley | September 15th 2022

Do you want to cultivate good spiritual habits but avoid soul-crushing guilt and shame when it all comes crashing down five days into your new plan?

Me too! ... continue reading

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