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The Church Is A Body And You Need It (And It Needs You)

Barnabas Piper | October 26th 2023

We commonly see the word “body” being used to mean a corporate gathering, a collective of people coming together for a cause or purpose, such as a “voting body.” But when we call the church the “body of Christ” we mean much more than this.... continue reading

YOU Are the Church

Catherine Durant | October 24th 2023

When it comes to knowing what gift or service we can bring to our churches, we might feel stumped. But the blend of skills, interests, traits and experiences that make up who you are is utterly unique. And just being you, bringing your whole self and offering what you can is enough. In fact, the Bible says it’s more than enough—it’s vital.... continue reading

A Simple Plan For Celebrating Christmas 2023 as a Church

Bethany McIlrath | October 10th 2023

We realize that Christmas can be an extremely busy time of year for church leadership and staff. To try to make things simpler for you, we've put together a plan that might help you coordinate your church's celebration of Christmas.... continue reading

Are You Like the Unfaithful Servant?

Steve Robinson | October 5th 2023

There is such a thing as unfaithful service. What does that look like? We’re given an example in the parable of the talents in Luke 19:11-27.... continue reading

New for Your Church This Christmas

Bethany Davies | October 3rd 2023

Wherever you are, however your church does Christmas, we’ve got a whole host of resources to help your ministry this year. And if you're organized and order your resources before Nov 1, we’ll give you a free gift!... continue reading

How Can I Love a Difficult Church Member?

Ligon Duncan | July 27th 2023

When it comes to a local church, Paul encourages us to strive to be a family that is shaped by the gospel. In 1 Thessalonians 12-15, he is telling us what that looks like.... continue reading

You're More Qualified to Serve Than You May Think

Steve Robinson | July 6th 2023

My instinct is to think that in order to serve God and his people well, I need to bring something to the table. The world will tell us that what we need to do is just to realise how brilliant we really are (or maybe you’re already there—you do think you bring a lot to God’s table). But the Bible says that the answer to feeling too weak or unable to serve is not to try to feel strong...... continue reading

How the Church Is a Hospital

Jen Oshman | May 11th 2023

It has been said, “The church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.” I think the quote originates from a Dear Abby syndicated column. It’s a striking word picture as it calls to mind images of people who are unwell but want to get better—people who acknowledge their sickness, are humbled by it, and have placed themselves in the hands of others who might help them.... continue reading

The Church Isn’t Like a Family, It is a Family

Barnabas Piper | April 29th 2023

One of the kindest things you can say about friends is that “they feel like family.” It is a statement of trust, closeness, identity, and responsibility. When we describe friends this way we are reflecting something beautiful about God’s design and desire for humanity, that familial relationships are meant to be near and dear to us. We were made to be part of a family. ... continue reading

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