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An open letter to Christians who are using porn

Tim Thornborough | January 18th 2018

My dear brother or sister. You are finding it a struggle to even start reading this...... continue reading


Where to turn when loneliness is overwhelming

Sarah Walton | January 17th 2018

As my husband and I drove home from our night out to celebrate my birthday, I laid my seat back in the car and wept... continue reading


Living in the land of meh

Dan DeWitt | January 15th 2018

It's Blue Monday. Is it OK to feel "meh" as Christians? ... continue reading


A student's guide to procrastination

Dave Griffith-Jones | January 9th 2018

Are you procrastinating right now?... continue reading


Is Submission Sexist?

Kathleen Nielson | January 8th 2018

Must women aspire to nothing more than a doormat existence, just raising kids with no hope of achieving a career outside of the home and having no opinions of their own?... continue reading


Pastors: there's a titanic porn problem in your church

Tim Thornborough | January 8th 2018

The problem of porn is not just "out there" in the world, it's within your church too. ... continue reading


God's New Year's Resolution For You

Carl Laferton | January 3rd 2018

This year you're going to become more like Jesus. ... continue reading


Pastor – Do You Have The Courage You Need For 2018?

Dave Griffith-Jones | January 2nd 2018

A pastor without courage is an escapist pastor.... continue reading


5 things to pray for 2018

Rachel Jones | December 30th 2017

As one year ends and another begins, here are five things to pray for your walk with God in the year ahead, all drawn from Philippians 3 v 12-14.... continue reading


What 2018 Holds For Us: The Challenges

Joe Henegan | December 30th 2017

What will we need to face the opportunities and pitfalls that 2018 brings?... continue reading

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