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Tim Keller, Jordan Peterson and a Different Approach to Engaging Atheists

Joe Henegan | July 19th 2018

As a Christian, it's tempting to observe the various strands of moral decline around us and conclude that increased secularization in the West must inevitably bring with it a devastating loss of values.... continue reading


When Rest is Stress: 3 Ways to Pause in the Middle of Pressure

Adam Mabry | July 17th 2018

“You should really just take a break.” I remember the overwhelming urge to punch him... in the face.... continue reading


Should I Pray For My National Soccer Team

Joe Henegan | July 11th 2018

I've never prayed for the soccer team I support, or any team for that matter. Not even the ones I’ve played in. It just feels...trivial. But I think I might be changing my mind.... continue reading


What I Learned Through Running a Book Club in my Church (and why every church should have one)

Claire Musters | July 10th 2018

Here are some of the benefits of a book club that I perhaps wasn’t expecting.... continue reading


Let's Make America Gr...

Tim Thornborough | July 4th 2018

The difference between intelligent patriotism and unthinking Jingoism... continue reading


The 4 Books I'm So Glad We Published

Carl Laferton | July 3rd 2018

Editorial Director, Carl Laferton, chooses his 4 favorite books that we've published... ... continue reading


5 Ways to Make Time for Reading

Eleanor Dell | June 28th 2018

Confession time: I was an English major, I work in publishing and I've stopped reading...... continue reading


Will This Book Be Good? 4 Questions To Ask

Carl Laferton | June 27th 2018

Editorial Director, Carl Laferton, shares the 4 things he looks for in a book. ... continue reading


What is a book?

Alexa Burstow | June 26th 2018

Do we read less in 2018? Or do we just read differently? ... continue reading


William Wilberforce’s Lesser Known Campaign

Tim Thornborough | June 21st 2018

William Wilberforce's personal prayers that encourage and challenge. ... continue reading

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