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A 5 Minute Theology of Breakfast

Katy Morgan | October 15th 2019

What does breakfast have to do with the Bible? Judging by Instagram, the two go together rather a lot. I love seeing my friend’s Saturday morning photos of pancakes, pencil and her Bible’s open pages. Reading God’s word prepares us spiritually for the day, just as breakfast prepares us physically.... continue reading


Evangelism Should Be Like a 4D Cinema Not a Wikipedia Page

Glen Scrivener | October 10th 2019

It’s long been said that the mind is not a debating chamber, it’s a picture gallery. ... continue reading


4 Things God Wants Us to Know About Sex

Jason Roach | October 9th 2019

What has God got to say about sex and our sexuality? ... continue reading


Waiting Well in a World of Right Now

Matt Chandler | October 4th 2019

It seems that all the creativity of man and all the energy we possess is focused on one thing in our day and age: to eradicate from the face of the earth any need to be patient. We are bent on making sure we don’t have to wait for anything… ever.... continue reading


Free Extras for your Christmas Services

Joe Henegan | October 1st 2019

Christmas isn’t quite upon us, but if you’re a church leader, chances are you’re already thinking (panicking) about your Christmas services. We're here to help. ... continue reading


My Girlfriend Was A Pole Dancer

Jason Roach | September 30th 2019

The sun was shining, car stereos were booming, and we skipped along to the beats. It was then that she broke the news, out of the blue, in a matter-of-fact kind of way. She wanted to become a pole dancer.... continue reading


God Can Heal, He Will Heal, but What If He Doesn’t?

Matt Chandler | September 24th 2019

For me, it was Thanksgiving morning 2009. I walked into our living room at home to give my youngest, Norah, her bottle. I burped her. I took her back to her Johnny Jump Up. I turned. And then I woke up in hospital. I’d had a brain seizure, and I was diagnosed with a primary brain tumor, facing immediate surgery, chemo and radiation—and an estimate of a few years to live.... continue reading


1% of evidence for Jesus is enough...

John Dickson | September 23rd 2019

History is not just real; it is also knowable. Not fully knowable, of course. Probably less than 1% of ancient remains remain today. But 1% is enough to provide precious insight into the real lives of first-century men and women. Try this thought experiment…... continue reading


How Do I Tell My Wife I Was Abused?

Jennifer Michelle Greenberg | September 19th 2019

I knew when I began this journey that I’d likely hear stories from other survivors too. What I didn’t expect was that over half of them would be male.... continue reading


Times Glen Scrivener Has Got It Wrong In Evangelism

Glen Scrivener | September 17th 2019

This is a dangerous topic. It’s not dangerous because my confessions of failure will spoil my otherwise flawless projection of Evangelistic Success. No, in the words of Austin Powers, that train has already sailed. ... continue reading

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