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TGBC's Bestsellers of 2016

Rachel Jones | December 20th 2016

The end of the year means that the internet is awash with “best books of the year” lists. So here’s a list of our own—The Good Book Company’s bestsellers of 2016... continue reading


Infographic: Theological Famine Relief

Rachel Jones | December 16th 2016

The Good Book Company is thrilled to partner with The Gospel Coalition International Outreach to provide books to under-resourced church leaders around the world... continue reading


How should Christians respond to Transgender Awareness Week?

Vaughan Roberts | November 15th 2016

Should we be fearful? Indignant? Apathetic?... continue reading


Lest we forget: Symbols, freedom and the ultimate price

Tim Thornborough | November 11th 2016

We forget, and just assume that today’s “normal” has always been like that. But it is not so... continue reading


What now? Three principles for living as Christians under President Trump

Juan Sanchez | November 9th 2016

Many Americans are waking up this morning and thinking: Really?! Others are celebrating the dawn of a new political era. So what now?... continue reading


5 Things to Pray for the Election

Rachel Jones | November 7th 2016

Americans are facing a weighty political decision. It’s hard to know how to vote—but thankfully God’s word shows us how to pray... continue reading


A Very Different Christmas Wins Cover Design Award

Rachel Jones | October 14th 2016

Congratulations to TGBC's Head of Design, André Parker!... continue reading


Grief, joy, awe: Yom Kippur through Christian eyes

Randy Newman | October 11th 2016

Today is the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. How do you feel about it?... continue reading


A telling silence

Tim Thornborough | August 23rd 2016

As our Olympic athletes return home from Rio, the party is over—and now the PR trail begins... continue reading


Come to one of the Life Explored launch events!

Tim Thornborough | August 9th 2016

It’s been five years in the making, but the launch of Life Explored is rapidly approaching! Consider this to be your personal invitation to come along to a launch event near you... continue reading

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