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Evangelism Should Be Like a 4D Cinema Not a Wikipedia Page

Glen Scrivener | October 10th 2019

It’s long been said that the mind is not a debating chamber, it’s a picture gallery. ... continue reading

Free Extras for your Christmas Services

Joe Henegan | October 1st 2019

Christmas isn’t quite upon us, but if you’re a church leader, chances are you’re already thinking (panicking) about your Christmas services. We're here to help. ... continue reading

Times Glen Scrivener Has Got It Wrong In Evangelism

Glen Scrivener | September 17th 2019

This is a dangerous topic. It’s not dangerous because my confessions of failure will spoil my otherwise flawless projection of Evangelistic Success. No, in the words of Austin Powers, that train has already sailed. ... continue reading

Peculiar Passages: the Strange Case of the Forbidden Raisin Cakes

Katy Morgan | August 27th 2019

There are plenty of actions and attitudes that the Bible describes as wrong. Lying, thieving, adultery, anger, selfishness, pride, boasting… and eating raisin cakes.... continue reading

Interview with Catalina Echeverri, llustrator of The Tales That Tell The Truth Series

Joe Henegan | June 20th 2019

When The Good Book Company set out to produce The Christmas Promise, our first hardback children’s storybook, we knew that the illustrations would be crucial to how children would receive them. We knew that our Tales That Tell The Truth books would need to look stunning in order to keep ...

The Enduring Impact Of Narnia On My Life

Katy Morgan | June 18th 2019

I still remember sitting on the blue chair in our living room at Christmas when I was six years old, tearing the wrapping paper off the largest, heaviest book I had ever held in my hands. The cover was golden brown and green and spread with a spidery map, adorned ...

Sharing the Gospel at Easter

Eleanor Elms | March 21st 2019

I have to admit, when I think about Easter, evangelism doesn’t spring to mind. We’re pretty comfortable with Christmas evangelism; inviting neighbours along to carol services, perhaps engaging with friends on what Christmas means for them and how they celebrate. But Easter? Most of my friends don’t really care about ...

The Irreplaceable Importance Of Family Traditions, And Why Lent Should Be One Of Them

Ed Drew | March 4th 2019

Family life is predictably unpredictable. It is chaotic and confused.... continue reading

Start 2019 On The Right Foot

Alexa Burstow | January 1st 2019

Here are two ideas to get going in the right way. ... continue reading

Top 10 Blogs of 2018

Eleanor Dell | December 27th 2018

This year our blog has seen many thought-provoking pieces from countless different authors. We hope that your thoughts have been stirred and your hearts encouraged by it. Have a look at our most-viewed blogs of 2018... continue reading

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