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On the Podcast with David Mathis: Faith, Writing, and Christmas

David Mathis | October 15th 2020

A conversation about faith and writing as a means of ministry.... continue reading

The Name His Father Gave Him

David Mathis | October 13th 2020

Jesus is the name he received at that first Christmas—and it’s a name that is wonderfully familiar to us. And yet, the New Testament also speaks in at least three other places of Jesus receiving another “name.” So what is this name—and how might it breathe fresh life into ...

An Encouragement For Pastors and Ministry Leaders During This Strange Season

Abigail Talbott | September 30th 2020

Pastor appreciation month is this month, and in light of that, we want you all to know 3 things. Please read this thank you letter and encouragement from our Ministry Partners Organizer, who has the privilege of coming alongside you as you serve. ... continue reading

How One Family Has Been Surviving Lockdown

Sarah Parker | April 28th 2020

How one family have been surviving lockdown... Some of the creative things they've been doing and how they're turning to God in the midst of it all. ... continue reading

How To Get Your Kids As Excited About Easter As They Are About Christmas

Lizzie Laferton | March 12th 2020

Our children seem to spend their lives counting down the sleeps to something. Birthdays, Christmas, end of term, family vacation… there’s always something for our 5 and 7-year-olds to count down the sleeps to.... continue reading

Podcast: Making Easter as exciting as Christmas for our kids (Carl and Lizzie Laferton)

Joe Henegan | March 5th 2020

Easter just doesn't generate the same excitement as Christmas does for kids. ... continue reading

How to Start Reading the Bible with Young Kids

Lizzie Laferton | March 3rd 2020

The best thing we can do today for our children is prayerfully to share God’s word with them.... continue reading

5 Things to Say in the New Year

Katy Morgan | January 1st 2020

The first days of January are a perfect time for reflection. It’s not out of place to have deeper-than-usual conversations at this time of year. And, if we’re ready, we can use them to talk about Christ.... continue reading

A Christmas Tale: Jacob Butterby and the Christmas Star

Katy Morgan | December 24th 2019

As the mayor of Kings Edbury, Jacob was responsible for the Christmas decorations in the town square. Every year, the star would be placed on the top of the tree during the church service at the very beginning of Christmas Day. As the sun rose and the service ended, the ...

The Big Christmas Story Quiz

Rachel Jones | December 20th 2019

Can you remember enough about the Christmas story to be crowned a nativity know-it-all, or are you three legs short of a donkey? We've written this quiz with the whole family in mind – there are 12 questions which get progressively harder!... continue reading

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