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Best Buy Friday: God is enough

Dean Faulkner | November 7th 2014

What sometimes leaves you feeling unable to cope?

Perhaps it's disappointments or doubts. Possibly loneliness or grief or maybe just a lack of motivation.

Many things are capable of getting us down and casting doubt on our faith and our view of God. Where is our passion for the Gospel? How often have you asked (or thought) is God enough?

With honesty and humility, Ray Galea reflects in his book, God is Enough, on ten psalms that have helped him put God back in the centre of his life. Ray reminds us of the many reasons we have to join with the psalmist in saying, "Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you".

Read more and get the book HERE for just £5 using the code gie1114 at the checkout.


Living The Cross Centered Life - 30% off

Dean Faulkner | August 29th 2014

The cross is the very centre of the Christian faith, but that simple truth can sometimes be easy to forget. So how do we remember to focus every day on this reality with all that surrounds us? Never lay the cross aside, never move on says C J Mahaney. Deepen your passion for Christ and his cross each and every day.


Mahaney in his book, Living the Cross Centered Life implores us not to move on from the foot of the cross and examines the deepest truths of the events of Calvary.


Read more about the book and buy it HERE with 30% off (£6.29) until midday Monday using the code ccl0814 at the checkout.


Compared to Her - Just £1.50 until midday Monday

Dean Faulkner | January 24th 2014

Do you yearn for contentment? Do you know anyone who does? (That should cover everyone!) Then please read this book. It diagnoses our condition with insight and humour, and offers the only true cure with clear and practical explanation.

This book is simple but profound - and profoundly helpful. The common problem of comparison, with all its poisonous results, is exposed and laid bare to be seen for what it is. In its place comes biblical truth giving life and health and wholeness.

Read more and get the book HERE for just £1.50 until midday Monday. Use code hcth0114 at the checkout.


Serving Without Sinking - half off until Monday evening!

Dean Faulkner | December 13th 2013

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you'll know we made a lot of this book when it came out earlier this year. But with many churches and church people absolutely snowed under at this time of year we thought it well worth reminding you of it again.

Christmas, probably more than any other time of year, is when Christians are most under pressure. Demands on everyone's time are immense - energy and big smiles are required all round - as event after event is put on. But the constant need to be here, do this, speak at that, make something else, greet this group or that can be draining.

John Hindley examines just how and why this happens in Serving Without Sinking. It is an issue he has been aware of for a very long time and knows that it isn't just for Christmas either. The good news is he also has some encouraging help, backed by Scripture, to relieve the burdens we feel. He shows us how we can maintain that joyful servant heart at this busiest of times.

Read more HERE and get the book for just $6.50 - use code dontsink at the checkout.


Christmas Uncut - just $1.99 until Monday night!

Dean Faulkner | November 22nd 2013

When children act out the nativity in a school play or nursery group, it really doesn't have much in common with the historical Christmas.

Over the course of time, we've cut huge, crucial bits out. We've added in nice but completely made-up details. We've made it into a tale for children and forgotten the real events. There were certainly no kings or a donkey!

We have turned Christmas history into a nativity play.

I don't want to spoil the party. Nativity plays are a part of the whole Christmas experience, along with desperate last-minute shopping and sending cards to people who you didn't make the effort to see last year. I've been in the front row of both my son's nativity plays smiling proudly. It's just that the real Christmas is much more interesting than what we've turned it into. It's worth rescuing and re-telling.

And that is just what Carl Laferton has done in Christmas Uncut. Read more HERE and get the book for just $1.99 until Monday night. Simply use the code cu1113 at the checkout.


Rock Solid - 60% off until midnight tomorrow!

Dean Faulkner | September 27th 2013

Walking the Walk, Not Just Talking the Talk

When I was growing up, my world seemed pretty simple. At school and as a young man being religious meant being a Christian. I didn't know many Jews, Muslims, Hindus, or Buddhists. I didn't really even know anything about them. Today things are different, even if we don't always notice it, mosques, synagogues, and temples are everywhere. As for churches you’ll find Anglican, Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Evangelical, Presbyterian, Methodist, and many other traditions.

In addition, it's not uncommon to hear people say, I'm not religious, but I am spiritual. People who talk like that tend to be theologically eclectic. They’re concerned that such entities as above, whether big or small, Christian or not, might put boundaries on their ability to pick and choose what they believe and practice. So with all of this religious and spiritual diversity, what does it mean to be a Christian? What are the biblical beliefs we need to focus on to stay true to God? What are the basic Christian truths we need to hold on to and understand to shine out as a light for Christ in an ever more secular world and one full of "alternative" religion and spirituality?... continue reading


If I Were God I'd End All the Pain

Dean Faulkner | August 2nd 2013

A terrible train crash in Spain, SAS trainees die on exercise, another street stabbing, Zimbabwe back in the news with allegations of rigged elections and an oppressive dictator. Where is God in all this? What is He doing?

Christians believe that God is all-powerful and could sort out the problems of the world. And that's right - God can do anything. But that fact can leave us floundering. If God has the power to act but doesn’t then maybe He doesn’t care about the suffering or maybe He has chosen to do nothing to help us. If we were God wouldn’t we sort it out?

The truth is, God cares about the mess of the world and has acted. He offers no quick fix to suffering now, but He has provided the long term solution. He sent His son to die on the Cross and take the punishment we all deserve for our wilful disobedience of our loving Heavenly Father. Jesus entered this suffering world and knew physical pain. Jesus himself called out on the cross as he hung there in agony “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?”. Being a Christian and continuing to trust God does not mean denying the pain – or being a stoic – it’s OK to weep and Jesus weeps with us. But being a Christian gives us even more than that. It gives us hope.

John Dickson in his book If I Were God I'd End All the Pain looks honestly at our questions. He looks briefly at explanations provided by other religions before coming back to what the Bible itself says about God, justice and suffering. And what he find there is an encouragement to anyone honestly looking for answers to the problem of pain.

Read more and buy it it here at 20% off!


Aren't they lovely when they're asleep?

Dean Faulkner | July 19th 2013

Much excitement abounds this week at the imminent arrival of a new royal baby. William and Kate (if I may be so informal) have prepared themselves for this life-changing event in the limelight and glare of the media frenzy that surrounds the royal family.

The rest of us look on probably with a little envy at the plethora of royal helpers who have no doubt created the perfect nursery, who will help out with “chores” around the rather larger-than-average home, and may even take the baby off to give the tired royal couple some time to themselves.

New and not so new parents (and maybe grandparents too) will know that bringing your first child home is more than a little daunting. I remember sitting in our lounge and saying to my wife “So what do we do now?” as we looked at the little bundle in the car seat on the floor. There is no “parenting manual” and even if there were, each child is so different that I’m not sure it would be much help. Parenting can be very much trial and error - we (not the royal we) don’t listen when help or advice is offered, often thinking we know what’s best for our own children and so we struggle on.... continue reading


1/3 off Women's Ministry Course

Helen Thorne | May 24th 2013

If you have enjoyed our short dip into Women's Ministry this week on the blog, why not get equipped to serve in this important area of ministry? The Good Book College's short course in Women's Ministry is a 10-session distance learning course that covers the basics of:

  • what is women's ministry
  • how to interpret and teach the Bible
  • how to offer pastoral care
  • how to get involved in evangelism
  • how to read the Bible one-to-one with another woman
  • how to disciple teenage girls.

Usually £30, this biblical, practical and accessible course is available this bank holiday weekend for just £20. The price includes the course material and the cost of marking the (optional) assignments.

To enrol - or to request further information - email or enrol online.

Offer ends midnight on Monday 27th May.


Serving without Sinking: 35% off!

Dean Faulkner | March 26th 2013

"Church can be like a football match - 22 people running around doing all the work while thousands watch!" - Milton Jones

Do you ever get that feeling? Certainly the Easter period is a busy one in the calendars of many churches and Christians. A time when many people feel the burdens of serving, a feeling of being overrun and overwhelmed by all that is going on in their busy lives.

Well here is a reassuring and contemplative book that will uplift and reassure you in the quiet after the busy Easter period. Take time out to recharge your batteries and remember why serving our Lord is both joyful and liberating.

Simply use the code sws35 at the checkout.

Offer expires 02.04.13

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