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We're loving 1 and 2 Kings this week!

David Berkeley | May 18th 2012

So many people have been loving our first Infographic on 1 and 2 Kings that we've decided that our Friday deals should be focused on our Kings resources.

We're doing 25% off the brilliant commentaries by Dale Ralph Davis on 1 Kings and 2 Kings and an amazing 40% off on the new 1 Kings Good Book Guide by James Hughes. No code needed for the commentaries but use code kings40 at the checkout for the Good Book Guide to get the savings.

For our US customers, use the same code, kings40, at the checkout for the Good Book Guide.


Offer expires on 25/05/12


Too busy to read...?

David Berkeley | May 11th 2012

We're having a very busy week at the Christian Resources Exhibition so if you're having a busy time at the moment and struggling to fit everything in you'll find this weeks deal very useful! For the next week only you can get £4 off Tim Chester's book A Busy Christian's Guide To Busyness. We think it's great but don't just take our word for it....

'Tim Chester gets to the heart of why we are too busy, and unmasks the deceptions that drive our behaviours. This helpful book offers many practical time-saving tips and a biblical treatment of the busyness disease afflicting so many of us.'
- Paul Valler, former Finance and Operations Director, Hewlett-Packard Ltd

All you have to do is put in the code toobusy at the checkout.

Offer expires 18/05/2012


Helping those who are suffering

David Berkeley | May 4th 2012

This week on the blog we've been looking at the subject of Self-harm. Judging by the number of comments, shares and retweets, it has been very helpful and widely read.

You might find some of the following books helpful around the area of suffering:

All of them have 25% off when you use the code suff25 at the checkout.

This is what Vaughan Roberts has to say about Dealing with Depression....
"This booklet will be a great help both to the many Christians who experience depression and to those who seek to help them. It is an excellent combination of Biblical principles, medical knowledge and pastoral wisdom."
Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe's, Oxford and Director of Proclamation Trust

Offer expires on 11/05/2012


50% off a fantastic evangelistic book!

David Berkeley | April 27th 2012

This week we're doing Naked God at 50% off! This makes it even more affordable to give away. It's written for those asking the tough questions and wanting the truth about God. We think it's great but don't just take our word for it......

'Challenging, enjoyable and biblically faithful. I'm delighted that Naked God invites its readers to examine the naked truth behind their own beliefs, then moves on to a compelling and persuasive explanation of the person and work of Jesus Christ.'
- Rico Tice, Associate Minister (Evangelism), All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, UK

'I really like this book. Martin Ayers not only gives excellent answers to important apologetic questions but he also gives compelling reasons why the indifferent sceptic should think of asking them in the first place. He writes directly into the life and experience of a thinking unbeliever and commends Christ both by his attractive presentation of the gospel and his portrayal of the bleak consequences of an alternative naturalistic worldview. I am already thinking of people I could give it to.'
- Vaughan Roberts, Rector, St Ebbe's Church, Oxford, UK

Simply use the code ng50 at checkout to get the 50% off!


20% off Close Encounters Starter Pack

David Berkeley | April 20th 2012

This DVD based Bible study series is brilliant for 'non-booky' people and those who want straight forward English.

Presented by Pete Woodcock and Lizzy Smallwood the 4 part series is based in the gospels of Mark and Luke. It introduces people to the person of Jesus Christ and the impact he made on the lives of those to whom he came into contact. The interactive structure allows time for feedback on discussing Jesus' claims and discovering who he really is.

Visit the product page for more information and to see the trailer.


Time to sort out your time?!

David Berkeley | April 13th 2012

It might be that the Easter break couldn't come soon enough! The work/life/family/friends/church/rest balance has got out of hand. The Busy Christians Guide to Busyness is a brilliant book to help you get a godly attitude to time and commitments. It's a highly recommended read!!

'Tim Chester gets to the heart of why we are too busy, and unmasks the deceptions that drive our behaviours. This helpful book offers many practical time-saving tips and a biblical treatment of the busyness disease afflicting so many of us.'
Paul Valler, former Finance and Operations Director, Hewlett-Packard Ltd

For the next 72 hours you can get it for 25% off with the code 'chestertime' at checkout. Offer expires 16/04/12.


50% off Discipleship Explored DVD's!

David Berkeley | March 30th 2012

The DVD makes Discipleship Explored so easy to run that often lots of different groups want to run the course at the same time. Brilliant! We've heard many churches running it with Mums & Tots groups, in peoples homes with friends and neighbours, as a whole church and in small groups to name a few.

However what if the only copy of the church DVD gets lost? Nightmare situation! So for the next 7 days we're offering an amazing 50% off the price of the DVD so you can get a few copies and not have that panic of wondering where the DVD is. You can now run multiple courses and not worry about the talks.

Simply use the code de50 at checkout on both the UK and US websites and it will automatically be discounted.


Great offer on Bible study resources!

David Berkeley | March 23rd 2012

We always like to do a good deal for blog readers at the end of a week! To keep in line with the home group Bible study theme we're doing 25% off all of the Matthias Media Interactive Bible study range for our UK customers. These Bible studies get to the heart of the passage with practical applications. Perfect for any group wanting to get into the Bible.

For our customers in the US we're doing 25% off our Good Book Guide range.

To enjoy the discount use code homegroup25 at checkout. Offer expires on 30/03/12.


20% off Christianity Explored course material

David Berkeley | March 16th 2012

We hope you've enjoyed the different blog pieces we've done this week on how to best use the Christianity Explored website. We hope it's encouraged you to think about how you can use it, and other resources like it, to spread the gospel.

If you'd like to run the Christianity Explored course, for our blog viewers only, we're offering 20% off all the course materials. That includes:

  • Christianity Explored DVD (UK or US)
  • Christianity Explored Leader's Guide (UK or US)
  • Christianity Explored Handbooks (UK or US)
  • Soul DVD (UK or US)
  • Leader's Guide to CY and CY Nano (UK or US)
  • CY Nano Handbook (11-14 yrs) (UK or US)
  • CY Handbook (14-18 yrs) (UK or US)

To make the most of this offer simply use the code ce20 at the checkout. The code works on both the UK and US websites. Offer expires on 23/03/2012.


4 gift ideas Mums will love!

David Berkeley | March 9th 2012

There's only 9 days until Mothers Day and we've got some great ideas for presents.

We're very excited about Different By Design by Carrie Sandom which has just been released this week! We're offering 25% off this new title.

We're also doing 25% off on both What Women Really Need and Disciplines of a Godly Woman, as well as the stylish and compact pink zip up Bible! Simply use the code mothersday at the checkout.

This offer runs until Thursday the 15th of March so don't miss out!

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