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Leaving it all behind: Day 1 of 'Meals With Jesus'

Ed Drew | February 11th 2021

Read Day 1 of Meals With Jesus, a new family devotional from Ed Drew, Founder of Faith in Kids. These simple 10-minute family devotions in Luke’s Gospel explore Jesus’ character through nine meals that he shared with people. As you read these passages, your children will be transported to the dinner table alongside Jesus. They will see for themselves who Jesus really is and why they can trust him.... continue reading

Should You Give Something Up for Lent?

Carl Laferton | February 9th 2021

One of the few remaining links between Christianity and the culture is the idea of “giving something up for Lent”. It will be interesting to see if many people participate in this tradition during 2021, when it seems like most of us are giving up plenty already. But even if the sacrifices of this year haven’t already dissuaded you from going without, here are two good reasons not to join in this practice (and an idea for doing something different instead).... continue reading

Blessings That Won’t Be Restricted: Redemption

James Burstow | February 8th 2021

So far we've thought about election—the truth that we were personally chosen before the creation of the world—and adoption—the truth that we were chosen not just to be God's people, or even his friends, but his children. This week we move on to verses 7 and 8.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Stephen McAlpine: Facing Up to the Realities of our Post-Christian World

Stephen McAlpine | February 5th 2021

Stephen McAlpine talks to us about how his new book Being The Bad Guys.... continue reading


The Rival Gospel of Self

Stephen McAlpine | February 3rd 2021

The cultural ambition is to replicate the kingdom vision of the good life—a future world of human rights, dignity, freedom, love and equality—but all without Jesus at the centre. And, frustratingly for those among us who may wish to see the whole thing come crashing down in order to prove how right we are, this vision appears to be progressing quite well. At least on the surface.... continue reading

Why Does The Good News Sound So Bad These Days?

Stephen McAlpine | February 2nd 2021

You don’t have to look too far on social media, or even mainstream media (or, closer to home, you don’t have to talk for long to colleagues, study partners or family members), to find people who, upon hearing you are a Christian, wrinkle up their noses as if they have caught a whiff of cod liver oil. ... continue reading

Blessings That Won’t Be Restricted: Adopted By God

James Burstow | February 1st 2021

Our second blessing is adoption: the truth that not only were we chosen before the dawn of time, but we were chosen to be children of God. We could have been made only friends of God—and that would have been great. We would have been more than happy. But the Lord wanted more for us. He wanted us to be his children. He wanted to be our Father. And that is far, far better in so many ways. Here are four!... continue reading

On The Podcast with Tim Chester: How Voices from the Past Can Encourage Us Today

Tim Chester | January 29th 2021

Why is it so important for Christians today to delve back into the past and read the works of saints from a different era?... continue reading


Sample Devotion: Surpassing Knowledge

Tim Chester | January 28th 2021

We will never bottom out Christ’s boundless love. But we need to see more and more of his love. Every time we sin, we need to appreciate afresh this love that welcomes sinners. Every time we suffer, we need to appreciate afresh this love that mysteriously works all things for our good. Every time we face temptation, we need to appreciate afresh this love that captures our hearts.... continue reading

Blessings That Won’t Be Restricted: Being Chosen in Christ

James Burstow | January 25th 2021

As some of our physical blessings are stripped away, let's encourage each other with the reality of this incredible spiritual blessing in the days that lie ahead of us, whatever they may hold.  We are who we are in Christ because before the dawn of time, God chose us and set his affection on us. Which means we are incredibly special; we are part of an eternal story; and our future is absolutely secure.... continue reading