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When the world feels too big

Helen Thorne | May 19th 2021

For many of us, the world has shrunk over the past year. Rather than going out to work, we’ve stayed home – rather than taking our children to school, there have been months of sitting next to them in front of screens. Church has been online. Social events have been reduced to the occasional walk with a solitary friend. Homes that were once a hub of hospitality have been eerily quiet.... continue reading

How can we know that the stories of the Bible are true?

Ben Shaw | May 18th 2021

To say that there’s not enough evidence that the stories in the Bible actually happened is a little unfair. If you applied that same degree of historical assessment to other events in history, you’d have to wipe out virtually everything and everyone we know from the ancient world.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Rachel Jones: Rachel Jones: A Brief Theology of Periods. (Yes, Those Kind of Periods).

Rachel Jones | May 14th 2021

Guest host Rebecca McLaughlin interviews author Rachel Jones about her new book on periods.... continue reading


Menopause Doesn't Mean Wasting Away

Rachel Jones | May 13th 2021

This is so important to keep hold of in a culture that prizes the things we can see with our eyes—namely, youth and beauty. Most ageing happens pretty gradually—we go grey one hair at a time. But one of the reasons why the menopause can be so upsetting is that it feels so final: so definitive. It is an undeniable and unignorable physical declaration that you are getting old. Our culture says that’s a bad thing—perhaps especially if you’re a woman.... continue reading

Seven Things Every Christian Man Should Know about Periods

Rachel Jones | May 11th 2021

Ok, so maybe with a headline like that we need to back up and ask: Why does a Christian man need to know anything about periods? Well, like it or not, they’re coming for you. There’s a growing number of voices in our culture seeking to bust the taboos and bring periods into the mainstream. But there’s another, more compelling reason Christian men should know something about periods: your sisters in Christ have them.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Alistair Begg: Living with Confidence in a Post-Christian World

Alistair Begg | May 7th 2021

In this episode we talk to Alistair Begg about his new book Brave by Faith.... continue reading


Idolatry Comes Before Immorality

Alistair Begg | May 6th 2021

Idolatry—in your life and more broadly in society—precedes immorality. If we would understand why immorality is tolerated or even promoted, we need to look behind the behavior to the worship—to the idol. Of course, the idols change; few people in the West bow down to golden images today. But the idols have no less a hold, and our reasons for bowing to them are no different—they look impressive, our peers are worshiping them, and our society threatens us with penalties if we do not join in.... continue reading

How Do We Know Where to Draw The Line?

Alistair Begg | May 4th 2021

Refusing to eat the special diet assigned to them seems a strange place for Daniel and his fellow young Jewish exiles to draw a line. But in the Old Testament, one of the distinguishing features of God’s people was the rules they followed about what they would and would not eat and drink. Dietary choice for God’s people was not just an external manifestation of nothing much; rather, it was an external outworking of their deeply held convictions about what it meant to belong to God.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Chris Morphew: Taking Young People's Questions Seriously

Chris Morphew | April 30th 2021

Chris Morphew joins us on the podcast to talk about Big Questions, his new series of apologetics books for pre-teens/tweens.... continue reading


How could a good God allow so much suffering?

Chris Morphew | April 29th 2021

Maybe you’re going through something awful and heartbreaking yourself—or maybe someone you love is. Or maybe it’s just that the constant stream of horrible stuff on the news is making you feel anxious and scared about the world, and you don’t know how to make sense of it all. Maybe you wonder where God is in the middle of all this.... continue reading