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Ruth is one of the best short stories ever written. Study it with me.

Tony Merida | November 17th 2020

A short while ago I announced to my church that we were going to study Ruth as our church’s Advent series. Several people cheered! We are not an overly expressive church, and so this vocal celebration struck me. Why are Bible readers so drawn to the book of Ruth?... continue reading

The Secret of Paul’s Contentment

Jennie Pollock | November 5th 2020

This is the real key to the secret. Christ was the most important thing in Paul’s universe. Whatever his personal achievements or failures, his triumphs or his challenges, they were like garbage to him (which is a polite English translation of the original word, which meant something more like sewage!). Paul wanted to pursue Christ.... continue reading

Strength for Today, No Matter What Today Looks Like

Bethany McIlrath | July 23rd 2020

Philippians 4:13 is the sort of verse you can easily find on coffee mugs, runners’ shirts, jewelry and other memorabilia.... continue reading

A 5 minute theology of periods

Rachel Jones | February 20th 2018

We need to talk about periods.... continue reading

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