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The Promised King

Tim Chester | Nov. 18, 2021

For many people the future feels gloomy.

In Isaiah’s day, the future looked gloomy for God’s people too.... continue reading

Toothpaste or Champagne?

Tim Chester | Nov. 16, 2021

Whenever I get to the end of a tube of toothpaste, I carefully roll up the tube to squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste. And that’s how my evangelism so often feels. I wrap myself up in guilt until a tiny bit of Jesus squeezes out.... continue reading

Sample: Day 1 of The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

Sinclair Ferguson | Nov. 14, 2021

The following is an extract of Day 1 of Sinclair Ferguson’s new Advent devotional, The Dawn of Redeeming Grace. Available as a paperback and audiobook read by Sinclair himself.... continue reading

Sample: The Day Mary Visited Zechariah and Elizabeth

Katy Morgan | Nov. 11, 2021

The following is a sample from one of the chapters in The Promise and the Light by Katy Morgan. Written as a series of vivid and dramatic first-person accounts, the book tells the stories of Mary, Joseph and Zechariah as they experience the events of the first Christmas... continue reading

Should We Use Our Imagination When We Read The Bible?

Katy Morgan | Nov. 9, 2021

The NIV translates these words as “inclination” or “inmost thoughts,” so let's not get too carried away and read this as a blanket ban on creativity. Still, there is a need for caution when it comes to the imagination. Our hearts and minds are liable to lead us astray.... continue reading

Seeing Devotional Time as Essential

Alistair Begg | Nov. 2, 2021

God’s word is a glorious gift.

Our Father has given it to us in order that we might know His Son and that we might live in the power of His Spirit, in obedience to His truth.... continue reading


Encouraging Young People to Read the Bible Series

Quiet Times Series

Christian Living Bible Reflections

The Women in Jesus’s Genealogy

Sinclair Ferguson | Oct. 21, 2021

Women are mentioned only occasionally in biblical genealogies (as in 1 Chronicles 1:32, 50). Usually these family trees take the form “X [the father] begat Y [the son]” and make no mention of the mother. What sticks out in Matthew’s account of Jesus’ genealogy is that it mentions five women altogether. There must be a reason for this. And why only these women? After all, every man listed had a mother.... continue reading

A prayer for perseverance

Katy Morgan | Sept. 23, 2021

Here’s a little idea of some words that could help when a prayer for perseverance is what you need.... continue reading

In a world of constant change, one thing remains stable

Rachel Jones | July 12, 2021

Sometimes, change bewilders us. To begin with it was hard remembering a mask every time we set foot outside our front doors. Now it is second nature. But, if we’re honest, many of us fear what’s changing next and how we’ll adapt. That’s why it’s as vital as ever that we remember and celebrate this simple truth: the word of God does not change. It is always true, always good, always relevant to our lives. What a comfort that is!... continue reading

Five of the Strangest Things in the Bible (and how to grapple with them)

Tim Thornborough | June 22, 2021

Sometimes the Bible is just plain weird. Stories that send your head spinning. Ideas that just seem … well … wrong. So what do you do when you crash into one of these episodes? I’ve got some ideas on that, but first, here are five of the strangest things in the Bible that I have struggled to wrap my head around at one time or another.... continue reading

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