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A prayer for perseverance

Katy Morgan | September 23rd 2021

Here’s a little idea of some words that could help when a prayer for perseverance is what you need.... continue reading

In a world of constant change, one thing remains stable

Rachel Jones | July 12th 2021

Sometimes, change bewilders us. To begin with it was hard remembering a mask every time we set foot outside our front doors. Now it is second nature. But, if we’re honest, many of us fear what’s changing next and how we’ll adapt. That’s why it’s as vital as ever that we remember and celebrate this simple truth: the word of God does not change. It is always true, always good, always relevant to our lives. What a comfort that is!... continue reading

Five of the Strangest Things in the Bible (and how to grapple with them)

Tim Thornborough | June 22nd 2021

Sometimes the Bible is just plain weird. Stories that send your head spinning. Ideas that just seem … well … wrong. So what do you do when you crash into one of these episodes? I’ve got some ideas on that, but first, here are five of the strangest things in the Bible that I have struggled to wrap my head around at one time or another.... continue reading

Christians Are Not Called to be Chameleons

Richard Coekin | June 10th 2021

Christians should not be hiding their faith. We should not become spiritual chameleons: desperately trying to fit into the culture of this world to remain camouflaged and safe from predators who might expose and condemn our faith. But many of us are under immense pressure to do just that.... continue reading

We Need to Hear the Crowd

Richard Coekin | June 8th 2021

The London Marathon serves as a metaphor for the Christian life. For, while it’s an incredible privilege to know God through Jesus, Christians get weary, face opposition and feel discouraged. We certainly want the everlasting satisfaction, triumph and joy of the finish line in heaven.... continue reading

Menopause Doesn't Mean Wasting Away

Rachel Jones | May 13th 2021

This is so important to keep hold of in a culture that prizes the things we can see with our eyes—namely, youth and beauty. Most ageing happens pretty gradually—we go grey one hair at a time. But one of the reasons why the menopause can be so upsetting is that it feels so final: so definitive. It is an undeniable and unignorable physical declaration that you are getting old. Our culture says that’s a bad thing—perhaps especially if you’re a woman.... continue reading

How Do You Define Faith?

Michael J. Kruger | March 9th 2021

While our modern world might distance itself from many Christian concepts, faith is not one of them. Our world loves to talk about faith (think Oprah Winfrey), and even sing about faith (think George Michael). As far as our culture is concerned, faith is a feeling—a positive outlook on life. Faith is great.... continue reading

Whatever Happened to Susan Pevensie?

Michael J. Kruger | March 8th 2021

If you are a fan of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, you will know that Susan is one of the main characters in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe—one of the four children who end up as kings and queens of Narnia. But in the very last book of the series, The Last Battle, in a scene which effectively represents heaven, you realize that Susan is not there.... continue reading

Blessings That Won’t Be Restricted: Adopted By God

James Burstow | February 1st 2021

Our second blessing is adoption: the truth that not only were we chosen before the dawn of time, but we were chosen to be children of God. We could have been made only friends of God—and that would have been great. We would have been more than happy. But the Lord wanted more for us. He wanted us to be his children. He wanted to be our Father. And that is far, far better in so many ways. Here are four!... continue reading

Blessings That Won’t Be Restricted: Being Chosen in Christ

James Burstow | January 25th 2021

As some of our physical blessings are stripped away, let's encourage each other with the reality of this incredible spiritual blessing in the days that lie ahead of us, whatever they may hold.  We are who we are in Christ because before the dawn of time, God chose us and set his affection on us. Which means we are incredibly special; we are part of an eternal story; and our future is absolutely secure.... continue reading

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