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Stress: Taking Every Thought Captive

Helen Thorne | April 6th 2021

Many of our circumstances hurt and cause us significant stress. It’s right that we lament. It’s good and proper that we take our burdens and our pain to the Lord and, like David in Psalm 86, tell him how weak we are feeling and how much we need his help. The Christian is not called to stoicism. We don’t need to pretend we’re OK.... continue reading

Good Zook Guides: NEW Bible studies especially for Zoom

Rachel Jones | April 1st 2021

The Good Book Company exists to resource the church with timely books and resources that meet the needs of the moment with God’s timeless word. That’s why, with many small groups continuing to meet on Zoom for the foreseeable future due to Covid restrictions—and with others planning to embrace the platform long-term—we’re pleased to announce the launch of a selection of revised editions of our popular Good Book Guides, with special extra features to make them perfect for zoom.... continue reading

Should We Look up to Christian "Heroes"?

Bethany McIlrath | March 30th 2021

When you compare Old Testament figures like Sampson or David to Jesus, it’s hard to justify using the same terminology. No human being in the Bible compares to Christ. No Christian who has lived since does either. So is it right to look up to “heroes” discussed in the Bible? Is it helpful? And what about believers who lived long after the canon of Scripture was complete? Or those who live today? Is it right to have Christian heroes at all?... continue reading

One Year Later: 16 Short Stories of God Working Things for Good Since The Pandemic Began

Bethany McIlrath | March 18th 2021

Throughout the past year, shaped largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, our experiences have been unique by region- and by person, season of life, etc. None of us would say that the pandemic is a good thing, but we can all say that God is working it for our good and his glory, according to his purposes (Romans 8:28.) Here are 16 mini-stories sharing examples of God's faithfulness through this time. ... continue reading

Whatever Happened to Susan Pevensie?

Michael J. Kruger | March 8th 2021

If you are a fan of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, you will know that Susan is one of the main characters in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe—one of the four children who end up as kings and queens of Narnia. But in the very last book of the series, The Last Battle, in a scene which effectively represents heaven, you realize that Susan is not there.... continue reading

When Nurturing Life Feels Like Dying

Liz Wann | March 4th 2021

Sometimes, parenting can just be too much. There are many times when I reach my breaking point. It’s not just the physical needs of my children that are demanding, but their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs as well.... continue reading

3 Ways Motherhood Can Make You More Like Christ

Liz Wann | March 2nd 2021

My husband and I have had a tough year as parents—as I’m sure many other parents have too. Our two year old started to show more of her personality, which kept us all on our toes. Our middle son began displaying a new level of misbehavior that stopped my husband and I in our tracks and, at points, left us broken down in tears. The dynamic between all three of our children took a new turn we weren’t prepared for.... continue reading

Should You Give Something Up for Lent?

Carl Laferton | February 9th 2021

One of the few remaining links between Christianity and the culture is the idea of “giving something up for Lent”. It will be interesting to see if many people participate in this tradition during 2021, when it seems like most of us are giving up plenty already. But even if the sacrifices of this year haven’t already dissuaded you from going without, here are two good reasons not to join in this practice (and an idea for doing something different instead).... continue reading

The Rival Gospel of Self

Stephen McAlpine | February 3rd 2021

The cultural ambition is to replicate the kingdom vision of the good life—a future world of human rights, dignity, freedom, love and equality—but all without Jesus at the centre. And, frustratingly for those among us who may wish to see the whole thing come crashing down in order to prove how right we are, this vision appears to be progressing quite well. At least on the surface.... continue reading

Why Does The Good News Sound So Bad These Days?

Stephen McAlpine | February 2nd 2021

You don’t have to look too far on social media, or even mainstream media (or, closer to home, you don’t have to talk for long to colleagues, study partners or family members), to find people who, upon hearing you are a Christian, wrinkle up their noses as if they have caught a whiff of cod liver oil. ... continue reading

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