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From Grumbling to Gratitude

Alistair Begg | November 17th 2022

Ancient Israel had a lot of great moments—crossing the Red Sea, entering the promised land, the reign of King David, and many more. But the Israelites could also be a disaster. ... continue reading

Finding Contentment at Christmas

Jared C. Wilson | November 10th 2022

There are innumerable obstacles to contentment during the holidays, but the biggest is probably our persistent desire to consume.... continue reading

Love Hopes All Things

Sinclair Ferguson | November 8th 2022

When we say, “I hope so” we do not usually mean the same thing as the New Testament does. We may be hoping for a white Christmas, even though the weatherman is predicting “sunny and cold with occasional showers”. That is not hope but wishful thinking.... continue reading

Christian Quotes To Reflect on This Thanksgiving

Avery Powers | November 2nd 2022

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to reflect on the year with friends and family. With all the noise of our modern age, how can we truly slow down, remove our focus from our own worries and extend love to those around us?... continue reading

What Does Mutual Ministry Look Like?

Graham Beynon | November 1st 2022

What would people in your church think of as the ministry that really counts—the ministry that brings real growth?

Classically in conservative evangelical churches, the answer is preaching, usually as part of a Sunday service. It’s true that preaching is essential to the health of a church and has a prime function in facilitating its growth. I do it most Sundays!... continue reading

The Different Types of Christian Responses To Environmental Issues

Dave Gobbett | October 27th 2022

When it comes to thinking about the environment, there are a few ways Christians tend to respond.... continue reading

Discover the Facts of the Christmas Story

Alison Mitchell | October 25th 2022

The very first Christmas is one of the most famous stories in the world. But it’s also a very old story, from around 2,000 years ago. So how do we know if it’s true? And what are the facts behind it? All About Christmas jumps into the Bible books of Matthew and Luke to help kids discover what the Gospels tell us about the things that happened during that first Christmas.... continue reading

Best Gift Ever: Day 1 of 'The God of Amazing Gifts'

Lizzie Laferton | October 18th 2022

Read Day 1 of The God of Amazing Gifts, a new Advent devotional from Lizzie Laferton, to help the whole family get even more excited about God’s greatest Christmas gift. This step-by-step guide is perfect for families who want to dig deeper into the Bible this Advent. It includes study and application questions for children and teens at various ages and stages of faith and simple prayers.... continue reading

Focusing on Gifts of Grace This Christmas

Jared C. Wilson | October 13th 2022

Advent is about anticipation. As Christians approach the Christmas holiday, we use the preceding weeks to slow down and profoundly meditate on the staggering reality of the incarnation of the Son of God to deepen our sense of expectation and wonder—a sense undoubtedly felt by those who anticipated the Messiah’s first coming.... continue reading

16 Gospel Quotes From Alistair Begg

Bethany McIlrath | October 8th 2022

Selected from Volume Two of Truth For Life: 365 Daily Devotions, these sixteen quotes by Alistair Begg reflect on the gospel. Each quote is from a daily devotion based on a selection of Scripture. ... continue reading

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