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Ruth is one of the best short stories ever written. Study it with me.

Tony Merida | November 17th 2020

A short while ago I announced to my church that we were going to study Ruth as our church’s Advent series. Several people cheered! We are not an overly expressive church, and so this vocal celebration struck me. Why are Bible readers so drawn to the book of Ruth?... continue reading

Free Sample of our Advent Devotional for 2020

David Mathis | November 12th 2020

Read a preview of The Christmas We Didn't Expect, new Advent devotional from David Mathis, executive editor for Desiring God. These reflections help us to lift our eyes to wonder of the incarnation and worship the one who came to save us and make our futures certain. The following extract is a devotion for the first day in December.... continue reading

Battling for our children's hearts

Tim Thornborough | November 10th 2020

We spend a lot of time teaching our children how to listen. We warn about hot stoves, dangerous dogs and road crossings because it will save their lives. But learning to listen to God, and to trust his word over what our eyes seem to tell us is soul saving.... continue reading

The Secret of Paul’s Contentment

Jennie Pollock | November 5th 2020

This is the real key to the secret. Christ was the most important thing in Paul’s universe. Whatever his personal achievements or failures, his triumphs or his challenges, they were like garbage to him (which is a polite English translation of the original word, which meant something more like sewage!). Paul wanted to pursue Christ.... continue reading

Emptiness Filled

Jennie Pollock | November 3rd 2020

In the spring of 2017, I realised that my prayers around my singleness had changed. I was no longer begging God to come through for me and give me a husband. Nor was I praying, as I had for a season, “Lord, I do want your will, but if that could include a husband, I’d really appreciate it. Any time…” I knew I’d still love to be married, but I also realised that God had given me a deep, satisfied, joyful contentment with where I was.... continue reading

Free Sample of our Family Advent Devotional for 2020

Barbara Reaoch | October 29th 2020

We want to share with you a preview of A Better Than Anything Christmas, a new Advent devotional for families from Barbara Reaoch. As you read together, your family will get more excited about Jesus than anything else Christmas has to offer. The following extract is a devotion for the first day in December.... continue reading

What Kind of Gift Is Christmas?

J D Greear | October 22nd 2020

Christians believe that at the heart of Christmas, and of life, is one particular present—God’s gift to us of a baby. But what kind of present is it?... continue reading

Christmas will be different. Use it to teach children familiar truths.

Lizzie Laferton | October 20th 2020

Yes, December is going to be strange. But while the events of our Christmas celebration might be different, the events we celebrate are unchanged. The good news of Christ’s incarnation is unaffected and can go on being proclaimed and celebrated.... continue reading

4 Things Biblical Meditation Can Do For You

Linda Allcock | October 15th 2020

Biblical meditation will still your mind. It’s an opportunity to dial down the volume on your frantic thought-life and rest in God’s unchanging truth. So that even when the Bible is not open in front of you, God’s words are still at the forefront of your mind.... continue reading

The Name His Father Gave Him

David Mathis | October 13th 2020

Jesus is the name he received at that first Christmas—and it’s a name that is wonderfully familiar to us. And yet, the New Testament also speaks in at least three other places of Jesus receiving another “name.” So what is this name—and how might it breathe fresh life into our worship of Jesus this Advent season?... continue reading

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