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Hidden Details in Seek and Find: New Testament Bible Stories

Andre Parker | November 10th 2021

When illustrating the Seek and Find series, as well as the 450-plus things to find, count and sort, it's always fun to add a few little biblical details to each spread. Here are a few hidden things to look out for in our newest volume, Seek and Find New Testament Bible Stories:... continue reading

The eyes that saw: Day 1 of 'The Adventure of Christmas'

Ed Drew | October 26th 2021

Read Day 1 of The Adventure of Christmas, a new family devotional for Advent from Ed Drew, Founder of Faith in Kids. These simple 10-minute family devotions, with graphic-novel-style illustrations, explore the Gospel accounts of the first Christmas in an engaging way, and will help families keep Christ at the heart of their celebrations.... continue reading

The True Story of Gladys Aylward, Missionary to China

Laura Wickham | September 14th 2021

Gladys Aylward was the daughter of Rosina and Thomas Aylward. They lived in north London, where they led a simple but happy life. While Gladys was attending church in her twenties, she felt called to serve God in China. Determined to follow her dream, Gladys enrolled at missionary school. Sadly, she didn’t pass her theology exam and was told that she couldn’t go to China after all.... continue reading

The True Story of Betty Greene, the First Missionary Aviation Pilot

Laura Wickham | September 14th 2021

Betty was only seven years old when pilot Charles Lindbergh became the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic. This sparked an interest in airplanes in Betty, which became a real passion when her big brother, Joe, started to take flying lessons. Joe would tell Betty everything he’d learned, and Betty would listen, wishing that one day she too could fly.... continue reading

The Making of a Kid's Book: Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer

Bethany McIlrath | September 9th 2021

Creating a kids' book is a team effort! The team consists of an editor, an illustrator, an art director, and of course, an author. That doesn't include other team members, like those who actually print the books, those who coordinate their distribution.... continue reading

Five Ways To Help Kids Learn To Pray

Laura Wifler | September 7th 2021

As a mom to three children, I long for all my children to learn to talk with God easily and freely. In my own personal life, I’ve seen firsthand how prayer is a spiritual discipline that grows when cultivated. While only God can work in a child’s heart to produce true regeneration and authentic love, there are many things we as adults can do to help children grow and develop the habit of taking everything to God in prayer. Here are five ways to help young children learn to pray. ... continue reading

The Weird and Wonderful World of Esther

Tim Thornborough | August 19th 2021

Writing about the Bible effectively for children is hard work. Depending on the age, you have to scale the vocabulary, the conceptual ideas being used or articulated and the number of ideas that kids can hold in their heads at any one time. Plus there’s the whole issue of how you handle gore and sex and death—subjects that frequently come up in the Old Testament in particular. 

I encountered many cultural and story-telling problems while writing about the strange book of Esther for Esther and the Very Brave Plan.... continue reading

Seeing the Creation Story in Color

Tim Thornborough | August 17th 2021

It struck me what enormous fun it must have been as God the Father and Jesus the Son spoke the universe and our world into existence. The deeper we go, and the more we are able to examine the structure, mechanisms and physiology of our planet and its creatures, the more we see a God who delights in the world he made.... continue reading

The Power of a Simple Story

Dan DeWitt | July 6th 2021

Powerful stories speak to a universal need and point to eternal truths. That’s why the stories in the Bible, above all stories, have perennial appeal. Even epic stories outside the Bible that garner massive attention often do so through redemptive themes that only make sense from a Christian perspective.... continue reading

How could a good God allow so much suffering?

Chris Morphew | April 29th 2021

Maybe you’re going through something awful and heartbreaking yourself—or maybe someone you love is. Or maybe it’s just that the constant stream of horrible stuff on the news is making you feel anxious and scared about the world, and you don’t know how to make sense of it all. Maybe you wonder where God is in the middle of all this.... continue reading

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