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Which danger is your church most vulnerable to?

Juan Sanchez | March 5th 2018

There’s no denying it. There's no point burying your head in the sand. Every church is in danger—and that includes yours...... continue reading


3 theologically correct Valentine's Day Cards

Tim Thornborough | February 12th 2018

For all you Bible-loving men and women out there, here are three theologically correct alternatives to shop-bought Valentine's Day cards... continue reading


WOMEN! We need your help. Give us your views on gender roles

Eleanor Dell | January 17th 2018

How do you *really* feel about the culture of your church and the way roles are determined?... continue reading


6 things you need to know about iGen

Dave Griffith-Jones | January 4th 2018

So whether you’re a parent, a professor or a pastor (or a young person wondering why nobody over the age of 25 gets you), what are the 6 things you need to know about iGen? (I’ll leave you to decide what is good or bad, and how to respond…)... continue reading


Teach Your Children the Virtue of Waiting

Scott James | December 6th 2017

The first Advent isn’t merely a history lesson. We’re still a waiting people.... continue reading


A Meditation for the First Day of Advent

Tim Chester | November 30th 2017

It's the beginning of Advent! Which means it's time to buy your Christmas tree, start listening to Christmas music and get into the festive spirit. More importantly, it's finally time to start Tim Chester's Advent Devotional, The One True Gift. If you haven't got your hands on a copy yet or if yours is in the post, here is day one for you! ... continue reading


4 ways to make your visitors feel special this Christmas

Joe Henegan | November 23rd 2017

Christmas services are a great evangelistic opportuity. Making your guests feel welcome is more important than ever... ... continue reading


The Most Important Day for your Christmas Outreach

Carl Laferton | November 14th 2017

When do you know that you, and your church, have had a 'good Christmas'?... continue reading


Why the “wrong” Advent Calendar can be just right

Alison Mitchell | November 7th 2017

What do Barbie, Peppa Pig and Thor have in common? They all have their own Advent Calendars.... continue reading


Silent night, holy night. All is NOT calm!

Joe Henegan | October 11th 2017

Think it's too early to start talking about Christmas? Think again ... continue reading

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