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A Prayer for Afghanistan

Daniel Darling | August 20th 2021

Dear God, your eyes see the images our eyes see—of falling bodies, of desperate mothers, of children tossed over razor wire. You see. You know.

Dear God, your eyes see the violent and vicious, the evil and barbarous, who roam now through neighborhoods in places we, in the West, like to put out of our minds.... continue reading


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The Weird and Wonderful World of Esther

Tim Thornborough | August 19th 2021

Writing about the Bible effectively for children is hard work. Depending on the age, you have to scale the vocabulary, the conceptual ideas being used or articulated and the number of ideas that kids can hold in their heads at any one time. Plus there’s the whole issue of how you handle gore and sex and death—subjects that frequently come up in the Old Testament in particular. 

I encountered many cultural and story-telling problems while writing about the strange book of Esther for Esther and the Very Brave Plan.... continue reading

Seeing the Creation Story in Color

Tim Thornborough | August 17th 2021

It struck me what enormous fun it must have been as God the Father and Jesus the Son spoke the universe and our world into existence. The deeper we go, and the more we are able to examine the structure, mechanisms and physiology of our planet and its creatures, the more we see a God who delights in the world he made.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Andrew Wilson: Seeing Grace at Work

Andrew Wilson | August 13th 2021

Andrew Wilson is a pastor and teacher, as well as the author of 1 Corinthians For You, an accessible study guide to one of Paul's most popular epistles. ... continue reading


4 Reasons Why I Love 1 Corinthians

Andrew Wilson | August 12th 2021

The breadth and scope of 1 Corinthians are breathtaking. It is the most wide-ranging and complete letter Paul wrote; readers who are used to Paul taking several chapters of careful argument to make one or two points—like Gentiles and Jews should eat together (Galatians) or even thanks for the gift (Philippians)—will be amazed at the sheer variety of subjects that Paul tackles and the punchy clarity with which he speaks.... continue reading

Is God Pleased with Foolishness?

Andrew Wilson | August 10th 2021

Christian preaching is fundamentally foolish, at least in the eyes of the world. The world, in Paul’s day, had all sorts of wonderful techniques to make its messages more acceptable: wisdom, eloquence, intelligence, legal reasoning, philosophy.... continue reading

Good News and Bad News About Praying for Guidance

J D Greear | August 5th 2021

When God chose an animal to stand for his people in the Bible, he chose a sheep. Not a strong lion, or a wise owl, or a diligent ant. Not even his “favorite animal,” the dove. No, he picked a sheep. Sheep are idiots. They can’t run fast, they have bad eyesight, and they can’t defend themselves. They sometimes step into streams and drown, or walk right off of cliffs. If they stumble, they often end up “cast,” which is the technical term for being stuck upside-down. (Like turtles, if they end up on their back, they can’t flip themselves back over.)... continue reading

Uncomplicating Prayer: One Word Changes Everything

J D Greear | August 3rd 2021

For many of us, prayer is a struggle. There are plenty of reasons for this: we aren’t sure prayer works; we don’t know how to reconcile prayer with God’s sovereignty; we’ve had unanswered prayers in the past. But one of the most common obstacles goes deeper than all that: many of our prayer struggles arise from a fundamentally wrong view of God. We see God as reluctant and distant. Sure, he listens to us, but it’s not his favourite thing to do—and honestly, it requires a lot of patience on his part. ... continue reading

A Deeper Look at Bible Verses about Anxiety

Linda Allcock | July 29th 2021

Meditating on God’s word is a powerful and biblical way to fill our minds with truth to chase away anxious thoughts. Picking just a few words is ideal when our concentration is hampered by anxiety. But we need to pick wisely! Let’s consider how we could fight anxiety by meditating on those four simple words: “Your heavenly Father knows”.... continue reading

Should Christians Value Self-Esteem?

Matt Fuller | July 27th 2021

In rejecting God, many in the modern West have turned to an alternative “gospel”—by that, I mean a truth which people look to for happiness: a big philosophy to live by. One of the biggest “gospels” our culture sells us is the gospel of self-esteem: “Look within to find out who you are: what you find is wonderful”.... continue reading