The Good Book Company Welcomes Geoff Dennis

Eleanor Elms | June 27th 2019

We’re delighted to welcome Geoff Dennis to The Good Book Company family. Geoff is our new VP of sales and will be based in our Charlotte office. To get to know him a bit better, we interviewed him about his life, his career so far and what he’s looking forward to in his new role. ... continue reading


Illustrating Deep Truths to Little Minds: How is it Done?

Joe Henegan | June 26th 2019

Think back to a book that you treasured as a child. Chances are that you can instantly bring up some of the key illustrations in your mind’s eye. They probably make you feel a small surge of nostalgia. ... continue reading


Surely a Same-Sex Partnership is OK if it's Committed and Faithful?

Sam Allberry | June 24th 2019

One of the arguments commonly made today in favour of same-sex partnerships is that what must surely count above all else is faithfulness and commitment. Shouldn’t faithfulness within a relationship be what determines its moral goodness rather than the gender of those involved in it? A promiscuous gay lifestyle with multiple partners and one-night stands might be wrong, but two people who love each other and are faithful to whatever promises they have made—surely that’s OK?... continue reading


Interview with Catalina Echeverri, llustrator of The Tales That Tell The Truth Series

Joe Henegan | June 20th 2019

When The Good Book Company set out to produce The Christmas Promise, our first hardback children’s storybook, we knew that the illustrations would be crucial to how children would receive them. We knew that our Tales That Tell The Truth books would need to look stunning in order to keep pace with the competition at storytime.... continue reading


Same Sex Relationships: Should We Just Agree To Disagree?

Sam Allberry | June 19th 2019

Sam Allberry is a same-sex attracted Anglican minister who has sought to be faithful to God’s will as revealed in scripture. In this blog post, he reflects on the reasons why Christians must hold firm to the traditional view on this issue.... continue reading


The Enduring Impact Of Narnia On My Life

Katy Morgan | June 18th 2019

I still remember sitting on the blue chair in our living room at Christmas when I was six years old, tearing the wrapping paper off the largest, heaviest book I had ever held in my hands. The cover was golden brown and green and spread with a spidery map, adorned with little scenes in which girls and boys stood alongside winged horses and bearded dwarfs. From the top corner the dark face of a lion stared out at me.... continue reading


Jesus Is The Master, Even At His Own Execution

Josh Moody | June 17th 2019

Few ironies could be greater than watching the trial of the Son of God unfold. On trial for what? And by whom? How was it possible that such a thing ever came to pass, and once it had occurred, how was it possible that the heavens did not crash and burn in cataclysmic destruction...... continue reading


How You Can Ignite Wonder In A Child's Heart

Joe Henegan | June 11th 2019

Those of us that have children under our care—parents, godparents, grandparents, kids’ ministry workers, and more—have been gifted a wonderful opportunity and privilege. We can ignite the spark of wonder in a child’s heart that sets them up for a lifetime of adventurous curiosity into all the things of God and his Word.... continue reading


Where Do Our Thoughts Come From?

Sharon Dirckx | June 7th 2019

An early childhood memory of mine is of sitting by a window on a rainy day, watching the drops splash against the pane. Like all normal children, I spent most of my life racing around. But at this particular moment, I was still, and my mind had time to drift. I remember a series of questions popping into my head...... continue reading


When Evangelism Feels Impossible: 4 Steps to Joyful Obedience

Jonty Allcock | June 5th 2019

As new Christians, we often start out enthusiastic at the idea of calling people to follow King Jesus. We are expectant and joyful. But it can soon lead to deflation. We still try and talk about Jesus. We still invite people to church. But the joy has gone. We have given up even trying anymore. Is the command to make disciples of all nations simply far too ambitious? Let’s take four steps and see what happens when we apply them to Jesus’ command in Matthew 28 v 19 to Go and make disciples of all nations.... continue reading

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