Did Jesus Heal our Diseases at the Cross?

Tim Chester | February 21st 2019

Did Jesus heal our diseases at the cross? When you read Isaiah’s great song about the servant of the LORD the answer seems pretty straight-forward...... continue reading


Is your smartphone making you unhappy?

Emily Robertson | February 19th 2019

If recent reports into smartphone and social media usage are to be believed, then the answer is a resounding - yes! And, shockingly, if you’re a female then the link between the amount of time you spend on social media and the likelihood of you experiencing anxiety and depression are even higher.... continue reading


What We Learn About Jesus From a Cancer Sufferer

Tim Chester | February 15th 2019

“Tell me this,” Rebecca asked her coldly. “Have you ever lost someone close to you?” “Well, no, I can’t say I have,” the young woman replied. “But I have trained.” Without another word, Rebecca shifted onto her side to face the wall.... continue reading


How To Share Your Testimony In Personal Evangelism

Rico Tice | February 11th 2019

To celebrate the launch of Finding More, a new collection of testimonies, we spoke to Rico Tice about why sharing your own story can be so powerful in evangelism and how to go about doing it. ... continue reading


8 Illustrations From Goodbye To Goodbyes That You Might Have Missed...

Andre Parker | February 11th 2019

Did you spot all of these hidden details?... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter Z

Rachel Jones | February 8th 2019

Seven Bible trivia questions. One goal: be crowned a Bible genius!... continue reading


Five Signs Your Brother Needs Your Help

Dan DeWitt | February 5th 2019

Most vehicles have a number of warning signs to alert you to potential problems. I remember my old college car that had a “check engine” light that I learned to blissfully ignore all the way until the engine locked up while driving down the interstate. Similarly, my current vehicle has a service light that comes on when I need an oil change. I sometimes ignore that for a couple weeks as well.... continue reading


I Thought Christians Were Stupid Bigots

Rachel Gilson | February 4th 2019

I was drawn in by Jesus—but at the same time, my sexuality was a big barrier. I knew that I wanted to marry a woman someday, and I knew that Christianity wasn’t OK with that... continue reading


What To Do When You’ve Blown It

Dan DeWitt | February 4th 2019

I love the story of Peter in the Bible. That guy could really be an idiot. Maybe that’s why I identify with him so. I can be an idiot too. I’m thankful God loves idiots.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letters X and Y

Rachel Jones | February 1st 2019

Seven Bible trivia questions. One goal: be crowned a Bible genius!... continue reading

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