Friday Quiz: The Letter F

Eleanor Dell | September 6th 2018

Another week, another quiz. Will you fly or will you fall?... continue reading


3 Parenting Tips from the Life of Peter

Dan DeWitt | September 6th 2018

Peter's interactions with Jesus in the gospels give us some surprising parenting lessons.... continue reading


An Open Letter To Kids Ministry Leaders

Rachel Jones | September 4th 2018

Dear Sunday School teacher and kids club helper—cutter-upper of crafts, maker of drinks, do-er of actions, stacker of chairs and toilet attendant—... continue reading


Seven Things Your Small-Group Leader Wishes You Knew

Tim Thornborough | September 3rd 2018

As soon as September starts, the Fall routine kicks in. ... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter E

Rachel Jones | August 31st 2018

Another week, another quiz. Will you be crowned a Bible genius?... continue reading


He, She, Ze, Zir? Navigating Pronouns While Loving Your Transgender Neighbor

Andrew T. Walker | August 31st 2018

Pronoun preference is all the rage in many circles. We should be equipped to know how to navigate this complex part of public life.... continue reading


5 Reasons To Love September

Joe Henegan | August 30th 2018

For some of us, September can be a gloomy month. But it really doesn't need to be.... continue reading


4 Reasons Why Most Of Us Are Reluctant Evangelists

Richard Coekin | August 28th 2018

Why is it that so many of us are reluctant evangelists?... continue reading


The Friday Quiz: The Letter D

Rachel Jones | August 24th 2018

Today's quiz is on the letter D in the Bible. Let's see if you've got what it takes to be a Bible Genius this week...... continue reading


Understanding Our Advantage

Daniel Darling | August 23rd 2018

When I was in college I took a trip to a very poor part of India. I flew home with a sense of shame, images of despair embedded in my consciousness.... continue reading

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