One Year Later: 16 Short Stories of God Working Things for Good Since The Pandemic Began

Bethany McIlrath | March 18th 2021

Throughout the past year, shaped largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, our experiences have been unique by region- and by person, season of life, etc. None of us would say that the pandemic is a good thing, but we can all say that God is working it for our good and his glory, according to his purposes (Romans 8:28.) Here are 16 mini-stories sharing examples of God's faithfulness through this time. ... continue reading

Choosing a Children's Bible

Alison Mitchell | March 16th 2021

Whether you are a parent, godparent or Sunday School teacher, you will want the children in your care to come to know the Lord for themselves—through His Word. So any children’s Bible you choose for them needs to support that aim, not hinder it. So here are some principles to guide you, so that you can browse the bookshelves with confidence.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Michael Kruger: The Gospel is an Anchor for the Soul

Michael J. Kruger | March 12th 2021

In this episode of the podcast Michael J. Kruger shows us how in the book of Hebrews God gives us an anchor.... continue reading


How Do You Define Faith?

Michael J. Kruger | March 9th 2021

While our modern world might distance itself from many Christian concepts, faith is not one of them. Our world loves to talk about faith (think Oprah Winfrey), and even sing about faith (think George Michael). As far as our culture is concerned, faith is a feeling—a positive outlook on life. Faith is great.... continue reading

Whatever Happened to Susan Pevensie?

Michael J. Kruger | March 8th 2021

If you are a fan of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, you will know that Susan is one of the main characters in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe—one of the four children who end up as kings and queens of Narnia. But in the very last book of the series, The Last Battle, in a scene which effectively represents heaven, you realize that Susan is not there.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Liz Wann: Depending on Christ when Motherhood Pushes You to Your Limits.

Liz Wann | March 5th 2021

When Liz Wann became a mother she was unprepared for how hard it would be.... continue reading


When Nurturing Life Feels Like Dying

Liz Wann | March 4th 2021

Sometimes, parenting can just be too much. There are many times when I reach my breaking point. It’s not just the physical needs of my children that are demanding, but their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs as well.... continue reading

3 Ways Motherhood Can Make You More Like Christ

Liz Wann | March 2nd 2021

My husband and I have had a tough year as parents—as I’m sure many other parents have too. Our two year old started to show more of her personality, which kept us all on our toes. Our middle son began displaying a new level of misbehavior that stopped my husband and I in our tracks and, at points, left us broken down in tears. The dynamic between all three of our children took a new turn we weren’t prepared for.... continue reading

Blessings That Won't Be Restricted: Fellow Believers

James Burstow | March 1st 2021

As we've worked our way through Ephesians 1, we've focused on the spiritual blessings we recieve in Christ–wonderful, mind-blowing doctrines which remain true whatever is going on in our lives. In the last section of this chapter, there is something else that encourages Paul and prompts him to thank God: people. Other believers in Christ.... continue reading

Introducing The Board Book Version of our Bestselling Kids Book

Joe Henegan | February 23rd 2021

Teach children the big story of the Bible. ... continue reading

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