When Culture is a Barrier to Evangelism

Bex Main | June 7th 2018

I asked her what she would like to eat and she declared she was fasting…... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Number 3

Rachel Jones | June 7th 2018

Time to take on our weekly Bible trivia quiz. This week's theme: the number 3. Will it be three cheers for you, or are you three bricks shy of a load?... continue reading


Worship Is So Much More Than Music

Jared Wilson | June 7th 2018

I think you could make a pretty good case that evangelicals don’t really know what worship is—or, at least, they don’t really know what worship fully is.

 ... continue reading


Reading this Article Will Make You Deeply Uncomfortable

Stephen Um | June 4th 2018

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “reconciliation”?... continue reading


Christian, God did not save you just to read your Bible every day

Stephen Um | June 4th 2018

Once we are saved, what does God want Christians to do?... continue reading


A Cold Night’s Conversation: Evangelism Over a Beer

Richard Roper | June 1st 2018

It was a cold winter’s evening in early February when I met with my old school friend... continue reading


Slaying Entitlement by Embracing Contentment: Lessons from Africa

Mary Mohler | May 31st 2018

One such family recently launched into the mission field in Africa along with their seven young children. One of their early prayer requests was for consistent electricity and running water.... continue reading


Jesus is Not Your Genie

Terry Virgo | May 29th 2018

I was sitting at the back of the massive platform and waiting to be announced, I opened my Bible,  just to look at my notes for the last time before speaking from them. As I looked at them I realised with a horrible, sinking feeling that they were the wrong notes...... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Number 1

Rachel Jones | May 24th 2018

Our weekly quiz of Bible trivia. Will you come out as number one or be down for the count?... continue reading


Silent Evangelism: When Keeping your Mouth Shut is the Best Thing…

Carl Laferton | May 24th 2018

‘Ah, I had some Christians knock on my door the other day,’ he said. ‘They were Jehovah’s Witnesses.’... continue reading

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