Need a Mom? Buy one for $40 an hour

Catherine Parks | October 11th 2018

I have my mom on speed dial for emergency cooking questions, but there are many days when I wish she could be in my kitchen, demonstrating how to fold egg whites into my waffle batter.... continue reading


How Often Do You Pray For Your City?

Timothy Keller | October 8th 2018

Urban churches have the world on our doorstep. But if we want to see God work in our cities and through our churches, we need to pray... continue reading


Friday Quiz: 2 Timothy

Rachel Jones | October 5th 2018

Take on our legendary Bible trivia quiz and see if you can claim that Bible genius title...... continue reading


An Interview On Christmas Evangelism With Rico Tice

Rico Tice | October 1st 2018

In this interview, Rico Tice reveals how he overcomes the challenges of personal evangelism, his most encouraging evangelistic moments and why Christmas evangelism is so vital. ... continue reading


Why Are All My Friendships So Shallow?

Catherine Parks | October 1st 2018

It was my first time at this church's Bible study and I was sitting with a group of strangers, listening to them talk and pray for each other, when it hit me: I didn’t have many real friendships.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter I

Rachel Jones | September 28th 2018

Today's quiz is on the letter I in the Bible. Let's see if you've got what it takes to grab that Bible Genius title this week...... continue reading


7 Illustrations From The Friend That Forgives That You Might Have Missed...

Andre Parker | September 28th 2018

One of the joys of illustrating stories like Peter's denial and redemption is that they are rich in detail, and so are our books!... continue reading


6 Friends Every Christian Has And The One You Really Need

Rachel Jones | September 26th 2018

Every gal needs good friends. And every Christian gal needs good Christian friends.... continue reading


Answers To The 3 Most Common Objections To A Christian View Of Gender And Identity

Hunter Leavine | September 25th 2018

As you strive to teach and apply a biblical framework of gender you will encounter objections. Here are some ideas on how you could respond. ... continue reading


Our Venture Into India

Richard Roper | September 24th 2018

Our mission calling at The Good Book Company is to make and distribute resources that equip the church to bring the gospel to the world, and there are few places where they are more needed than India.... continue reading

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