15 Rallying Quotes For a Revolution Of Dignity

Joe Henegan | August 16th 2018

We’re all made in the image of God (Genesis 1 v 27). That’s a theological statement. God made us to be like him—to reflect his character back to him and to refract his character out to the world.... continue reading


Reviews Help Us Choose: Our Highest Rated Products Released This Year

Joe Henegan | August 14th 2018

Here's what our customers think of some of our latest releases...... continue reading


An Open Letter To The Church

Daniel Darling | August 13th 2018

First of all, I don’t really like open letters. So it’s rare, and strange, to find myself writing one, but my love for you has compelled me.... continue reading


The Friday Quiz: The Letter B

Rachel Jones | August 10th 2018

Today's quiz is on the letter B in the Bible. Have you got what it takes to B a Bible Genius this week?... continue reading


The Answer Our Culture Craves For Its Burning Identity Crisis

Tim Chester | August 9th 2018

“Who am I?” Our modern culture invites us to ask this all the time. Identity has become fluid or malleable. A century ago, who you were was determined by where you had grown up and who your parents were. You were likely to do the job your mother or father did and live in the same area.... continue reading


It’s 1am, and I’m painting my hallway baseboards...

Adam Mabry | August 7th 2018

This self aware thought was on repeat in my head as my hands cut a clean line of white paint at far too late an hour. ... continue reading


The Friday Quiz: The Letter A

Rachel Jones | August 3rd 2018

It's a new quiz series! Let’s start at the very beginning… with the letter A. Have you got what it takes to be a Bible Genius this week?... continue reading


Pastors Need Rest Too

Adam Mabry | August 2nd 2018

4 ways to rest well as a church planter. 



 ... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Weather in the Bible

Eleanor Dell | July 27th 2018

What does the Bible says about weather? Have you got what it takes to get full marks?... continue reading


Rediscovering My Love Of Reading: Confessions Of A (Once) Ravenous Reader…

Emily Robertson | July 26th 2018

My mum taught me to read when I was just 3. Many a pre-school afternoon was spent traipsing up and down the living room floor following footprints decorated with achievable snippets of first language.... continue reading

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