Peculiar Passages: The Case of the Wise Ants

Katy Morgan | August 23rd 2019

It turns out there are ants in the Bible. But how can insects make you think about God? When you first read about the ants in Proverbs 30 v 24-28, you might not find them inspirational, exactly.... continue reading


Peculiar Passages: The Prophet, the Dead Boy, and Some Very Strange Events

Carl Laferton | August 22nd 2019

2 Kings 4 v 14-37 is strange. We’re in Israel in about 800BC, and a barren woman living in Shunem gives a room to (well, builds a room for) Elisha, God’s prophet, and is given a son by God (v 14-17).... continue reading


Russell Moore on Abuse Within the Church

Russell Moore | August 21st 2019

As Christians, we see both the horror of evil and, against that, the triumphant beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We don’t see the world, or history, or our own life plotlines as sentimental morality tales, nor do we see them as gothic horror stories. As we follow Jesus, we see the world around us through the prism of the cross. And at the cross we see the nauseating brokenness of this devil-haunted universe, and, even more than that, the grace of one who poured out his own blood to save us.... continue reading


Surviving 21 Years of Abuse: This is Not My Story

Jennifer Michelle Greenberg | August 20th 2019

And while homeschooling is a blessing – and I myself have chosen to homeschool my children – the privacy, the seclusion, and the isolation it afforded created a protective shield for my father.... continue reading


Peculiar Passages: The Case of Ruth, Boaz and the Contractual Sandal

Alison Mitchell | August 15th 2019

One of my favourite phrases in the Old Testament is “kinsman-redeemer”*. It comes up several times in the book of Ruth, along with some weird things about sandals and uncovering feet. If we unpack those verses, we not only find out what’s going on in Ruth, but also learn something wonderful about the Lord Jesus.... continue reading


Peculiar Passages: The Case of Paul and the Unexpected Handkerchief

Alison Mitchell | August 13th 2019

What do you do when you’re ill? Take two aspirin and lie down until you feel better? Go to see your doctor? Ask someone to pray for you? Maybe even all of those. But my guess is that you don’t wait for someone to bring you a special apron…... continue reading


Peculiar Passages: The Case of the Failed Miracle

Tim Thornborough | August 9th 2019

I love Mark’s Gospel. I’ve been to performances where it is recited dramatically;  I love to read it in a single sitting (takes about an hour and a half); and it’s the book I often turn to when introducing people to the life of Jesus and the gospel message.... continue reading


Peculiar Passages: The Case of the Bloody Bridegroom

Tim Thornborough | August 6th 2019

As a young Christian, I read through the Exodus story with a wonderful little commentary by Bernard Ramm, called His Way Out. Seeing the gospel in the book of Exodus was foundational for my own Christian understanding, but this little book was a window to a larger theological landscape, and was part of my pathway to eventually studying theology and the job I now enjoy. In particular, Bernard Ramm modelled great Bible handling as he encouraged me to not jump to immediate conclusions, and to think carefully about the context of any Bible passage as I tried to discern its meaning both then and now.... continue reading


5 Ways the Gospel Shapes Our Approach to Sexual Abuse

Phillip Bethancourt | July 30th 2019

We need to embrace a clear understanding of how the gospel shapes our approach to sexual abuse in five significant ways.... continue reading


Your Church Is Where It’s At… (No, Really!)

Emily Robertson | July 30th 2019

How do you feel about your local church? (Answer honestly!) It may be the place you feel happiest—a place of respite from the rest of life—where you love to worship and serve alongside a group of like-minded people. Or it may be a place where you feel the pressure of relentless rotas, teaching and leading, serving and sacrificing. Perhaps your feelings lie somewhere in between... ... continue reading

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