Five Signs Your Brother Needs Your Help

Dan DeWitt | February 5th 2019

Most vehicles have a number of warning signs to alert you to potential problems. I remember my old college car that had a “check engine” light that I learned to blissfully ignore all the way until the engine locked up while driving down the interstate. Similarly, my current vehicle has a service light that comes on when I need an oil change. I sometimes ignore that for a couple weeks as well.... continue reading


I Thought Christians Were Stupid Bigots

Rachel Gilson | February 4th 2019

I was drawn in by Jesus—but at the same time, my sexuality was a big barrier. I knew that I wanted to marry a woman someday, and I knew that Christianity wasn’t OK with that... continue reading


What To Do When You’ve Blown It

Dan DeWitt | February 4th 2019

I love the story of Peter in the Bible. That guy could really be an idiot. Maybe that’s why I identify with him so. I can be an idiot too. I’m thankful God loves idiots.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letters X and Y

Rachel Jones | February 1st 2019

Seven Bible trivia questions. One goal: be crowned a Bible genius!... continue reading


Seven Emotions No One Told You To Expect In Your 20s

Rachel Jones | January 31st 2019

School prepared me for adult life by teaching me how to find out the length of one side of a triangle. But there were no exams for dealing with this stuff…... continue reading


What To Do About Provocateurs and Contrarians in Church

Christopher Ash | January 30th 2019

“I love arguments, especially theological arguments.” An applicant to the Cornhill Training Course said that to me some years ago, when I was Director. He did not get a place.... continue reading


How To Talk To Your Children About Death

Lauren Chandler | January 29th 2019

My favorite memories as a child were mostly made on my grandparents’ farm. Out there, the stars shined brighter; the air smelled sweeter; time slowed to a gentle crawl. Life lessons abounded. Crops wilted in the summer heat, thirsting for rain promised but never fulfilled. Cows calved all on their own.... continue reading


Do I Need to Have an Answer for Everything? Apologetics for Un-apologetically-typed People

Rachel Jones | January 24th 2019

You can tell you’re an un-apologetically-typed person if you think that apologetics is going around apologizing for the existence of Christianity—if it were thus, we Brits would have a distinct advantage.... continue reading


Our Grumbling Puts God on Trial and Finds Him Guilty

Tim Chester | January 24th 2019

People who moan really annoy me.... continue reading


Are You A Real Adult? Take The Quiz To Find Out

Rachel Jones | January 21st 2019

Find out if you're a fully functioning grown up or an adulting fail. ... continue reading

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