Friday Quiz: Christmas Carols

Eleanor Dell | December 15th 2017

It's Christmas carol season, are you clued up on your favourite Christmas carols?... continue reading


The Most Important Day Of My Life - A Personal Tribute to R.C Sproul

Joe Henegan | December 15th 2017

The day I discovered the doctrine of imputed righteousness was perhaps the most important of my life.... continue reading


Kicking Brexit Whales Down the Beach

Tim Thornborough | December 14th 2017

Although not a natural Tory supporter, I find myself feeling deeply for David Davis, Theresa May, and the vast army of civil servants who have been thrown into the boiling acid cauldron of Brexit.... continue reading


Making Room at Your Christmas Table

Tim Thornborough | December 12th 2017

Thoughts on how to make room at your table this Christmas. ... continue reading


Top 10 Bestsellers of 2017

Eleanor Dell | December 12th 2017

2017 has been an exciting year for The Good Book Company. Here are our top 10 bestsellers of 2017. ... continue reading


Is God Gender Neutral?

Lee Gatiss | December 8th 2017

The recent announcement that the Church of Sweden has dropped the use of the pronoun “he” for God in favour of gender neutral terms is a recent take on a very old discussion about God and gender.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Christmas Prophecies

Eleanor Dell | December 8th 2017

Today's quiz is all about Old Testament prophecies about Jesus' birth. How much do you know?... continue reading


Teach Your Children the Virtue of Waiting

Scott James | December 6th 2017

The first Advent isn’t merely a history lesson. We’re still a waiting people.... continue reading


Become like Jesus using this one easy trick

Carl Laferton | December 5th 2017

Read this blog post to discover how you can become like Jesus in one easy trick...... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Advent

Eleanor Dell | December 1st 2017

Today marks the beginning of Advent. Today's quiz is all about Advent—Advent facts, waiting in the Bible, the second coming, you name it!... continue reading

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