What Every New Christian Needs From You

Chris Green | July 24th 2018

I remember strapping our new-born son into his car seat, helping my very brave (very sore) wife with her seat belt, and driving our new little family home from the hospital... continue reading


From Conception to Consumer: How Does The Good Book Company Make a Book?

Joe Henegan | July 23rd 2018

Ever wondered how the words get from a writer's head onto a page of a book and into your hands?... continue reading


The Friday Quiz: Number 8

Rachel Jones | July 20th 2018

Our tricksy Bible trivia quiz returns. Is your Bible-stuffed brain the eighth wonder of the world, or will your score leave you behind the eight ball this week?... continue reading


Tim Keller, Jordan Peterson and a Different Approach to Engaging Atheists

Joe Henegan | July 19th 2018

As a Christian, it's tempting to observe the various strands of moral decline around us and conclude that increased secularization in the West must inevitably bring with it a devastating loss of values.... continue reading


When Rest is Stress: 3 Ways to Pause in the Middle of Pressure

Adam Mabry | July 17th 2018

“You should really just take a break.” I remember the overwhelming urge to punch him... in the face.... continue reading


The Friday Quiz: The Number 7

Rachel Jones | July 13th 2018

Our weekly Bible trivia quiz reaches the big one — the number 7. Will your brain be at sixes and sevens, or will your score take you to seventh heaven?

 ... continue reading


Should I Pray For My National Soccer Team

Joe Henegan | July 11th 2018

I've never prayed for the soccer team I support, or any team for that matter. Not even the ones I’ve played in. It just feels...trivial. But I think I might be changing my mind.... continue reading


What I Learned Through Running a Book Club in my Church (and why every church should have one)

Claire Musters | July 10th 2018

Here are some of the benefits of a book club that I perhaps wasn’t expecting.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Number 6

Rachel Jones | July 6th 2018

Time for our weekly Bible trivia quiz—and this week, it's all about the number six. Have you got what it takes to be crowned a Bible genius, or is your brain buried six feet under?... continue reading


Let's Make America Gr...

Tim Thornborough | July 4th 2018

The difference between intelligent patriotism and unthinking Jingoism... continue reading

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