Summer Reads Recommendations

Bethany McIlrath | May 25th 2023

God can use what we're reading over the summer – not just to grow us in Him, but to point others to Him! Here are a few more recommendations for your summer reading list:... continue reading

To Be a Man Means... What, Exactly?

Matt Fuller | May 23rd 2023

“To be a man means...” No, really. Try to finish the sentence before you read any further. Don’t feel awkward if you’re uncertain what to say—most people struggle. It’s actually pretty difficult, isn’t it?... continue reading

Talking To Our Children about Gender and Gender Identity

Ed Drew | May 18th 2023

A friend of mine recently preached on gender. He found that all the parents wanted their teenagers in the sermons. When it comes to gender, we know that things have moved fast and we need help.... continue reading

What to Do When Your Child Feels Insecure

Ed Drew | May 16th 2023

The problem for our children is that it is very easy for them (as it is for their parents) to listen to the wrong another. Even those from the most secure, loving homes suddenly feel shaken over the smallest issue. They are left insecure by things that may sound trivial to us but are so, so important to them.... continue reading

How the Church Is a Hospital

Jen Oshman | May 11th 2023

It has been said, “The church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.” I think the quote originates from a Dear Abby syndicated column. It’s a striking word picture as it calls to mind images of people who are unwell but want to get better—people who acknowledge their sickness, are humbled by it, and have placed themselves in the hands of others who might help them.... continue reading

Christian Quotes for Encouragement in Parenting

Abigail Talbott | May 4th 2023

It can be easy to fall into discouragement as parents, especially when we believe the lies that we’re enough. Praise God that he knows that we aren’t! We have everything we need in him, and not within ourselves. He’s given us his word to guide and shape us, his Spirit to strengthen us, and experienced brothers and sisters to offer encouragement and biblical wisdom.... continue reading

Count Yourself Calm: Look Inside and Learn the Story Behind the Book

Bethany McIlrath | May 2nd 2023

Beautifully illustrated and empathetically written, Count Yourself Calm walks children through a calming activity that focuses their attention on God and helps them to manage their emotions. Read on to learn the story behind this unique resource and to peek inside.... continue reading

The Church Isn’t Like a Family, It is a Family

Barnabas Piper | April 29th 2023

One of the kindest things you can say about friends is that “they feel like family.” It is a statement of trust, closeness, identity, and responsibility. When we describe friends this way we are reflecting something beautiful about God’s design and desire for humanity, that familial relationships are meant to be near and dear to us. We were made to be part of a family. ... continue reading

What the All About… Series Is All About

Alison Mitchell | April 27th 2023

For many years I had the joy of working for a Christian charity that served in local schools by teaching the Bible. And I noticed two things about the children I taught. First, all the children, whether Christian or not, had heard key Bible stories so often that they thought they already knew all there was to know. And second, children from Christian homes lacked confidence in explaining why they believed that the Bible was true.... continue reading

Fascinating Facts About Bible Animals

Simona Piscioneri | April 25th 2023

Animals are such an important part of our world, from the smallest of insects to the largest of the animal kingdom. But which ones were important in the Bible, and why? Were animals viewed the same way thousands of years ago as they are today?... continue reading

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