What The “Quarter Life Crisis” Tells You About Young Adults in your life

Rachel Jones | January 21st 2019

The quarter-life crisis—if you’ve not come across this increasingly popular phrase, it’s probably time that you did. It describes a phenomenon that can strike at pretty much any time in your 20s or early 30s.... continue reading


What To Do When You Have Those, 'I Wish I Said That...' Evangelism Moments

Rachel Jones | January 21st 2019

You know the moment. Every Christian does.

Someone asks you a question: Why do you go to church so much anyway? Do you believe in evolution? Can you really think hell is real? Why does God allow so much bad stuff to happen?... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letter W

Rachel Jones | January 18th 2019

Who? What? Where? When? Why? Put your Bible trivia to the test in this W-themed quiz.... continue reading


The Problem With Science

Tim Thornborough | January 17th 2019

Every single day we put our lives quite literally in the hands of science and the technology it has produced.... continue reading


Personality Assessments: What Value Do They Have?

Timothy Lane | January 10th 2019

In the past few decades, personality assessments have become increasingly popular. Companies are spending big money on them. Churches, too, are using them for team building and to help staff increase personal awareness.... continue reading


The Time John Lennox Was Pressured To Give Up His Christianity By Cambridge Academia

John Lennox | January 9th 2019

He said, “If you want a career in science, you must give up this childish faith in God. If you do not, then it will cripple you intellectually and you will suffer by comparison with your peers. You simply will not make it.”... continue reading


Should Christians Practice Mindfulness?

Timothy Lane | January 8th 2019

If you are alive and reading these days, you have probably heard the term “mindfulness.”... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter U

Rachel Jones | January 4th 2019

We've uncovered a whole load of unusual and largely useless Bible trivia for this ultimate U-themed Bible quiz. But do you know enough to win the title of Bible genius?... continue reading


Jesus Did a Regular Job, Just Like You

Marcus Nodder | January 3rd 2019

Jesus did a regular job. He worked as a carpenter. For years. And that’s worth reflecting on.... continue reading


Start 2019 On The Right Foot

Alexa Burstow | January 1st 2019

Here are two ideas to get going in the right way. ... continue reading

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