A Meditation for the First Day of Advent

Tim Chester | November 30th 2017

It's the beginning of Advent! Which means it's time to buy your Christmas tree, start listening to Christmas music and get into the festive spirit. More importantly, it's finally time to start Tim Chester's Advent Devotional, The One True Gift. If you haven't got your hands on a copy yet or if yours is in the post, here is day one for you! ... continue reading


How your Christmas outreach service will probably go (told through Star Wars gifs)

Joe Henegan | November 28th 2017

The pain is real. But so is the joy!... continue reading


The most dangerous 10 minutes of your day

Carl Laferton | November 28th 2017

Your devotional time is more dangerous than you think. ... continue reading


When it comes to Christmas, are you a “get to-er” or a “get through-er”?

Carl Laferton | November 27th 2017

When it comes to Christmas, all of us are “get to-ers” or “get through-ers”. ... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Revelation

Eleanor Dell | November 24th 2017

Put your knowledge of Revelation to the test with our fun Friday quiz... continue reading


4 ways to make your visitors feel special this Christmas

Joe Henegan | November 23rd 2017

Christmas services are a great evangelistic opportuity. Making your guests feel welcome is more important than ever... ... continue reading


3 Signs That You're Worshipping Your Family

Steve Hoppe | November 22nd 2017

Steve Hoppe, author of Sipping Saltwater, gives three lifestyle patterns that indicate you're worshipping family. ... continue reading


Become a Murderer in 4 Easy Steps

Tim Chester | November 21st 2017

This extract from Tim Chester’s 2 Samuel For You reflects on the story of David and Bathsheba from 2 Samuel 11.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The One Chapter Letters

Eleanor Dell | November 17th 2017

This week's Friday Quiz takes on the one chapter letters—Philemon, 2 John, 3 John and Jude. Have you got what it takes to be a one chapter wonder? ... continue reading


Can you imagine a grumble-free Christmas?

Tim Chester | November 15th 2017

Can you imagine a grumble-free Christmas? An argument-free zone? Not me. ... continue reading

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