5 Things to Pray When You’re Doubting

Rachel Jones | May 24th 2018

“It seems to me that doubt is worse than trial. I had sooner suffer any affliction than be left to question the gospel or my own interest in it.” – Charles Spurgeon... continue reading


Does Jesus Really Want Me To Enjoy My Life?

Terry Virgo | May 22nd 2018

Many people have a negative view of the Christian faith. They think that following Jesus will cramp their style, ruin their fun and generally make life worse, not better.... continue reading


Are we more merciful than God?

Joe Henegan | May 21st 2018

Netflix's new docu-drama about a heretic preacher presents a powerful and important question to all of us.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Weddings in the Bible

Eleanor Dell | May 18th 2018

It's official, we've got Royal Wedding fever. What do you know about weddings and marriage in the Bible? Have you got what it takes to be a Wedding Winner this week?... continue reading


The 2 Reasons Why You Don’t Pray for Yourself (and why that needs to change)

Rachel Jones | May 17th 2018

“How’s your walk with the Lord?”

That was the catchphrase of an old Bible study leader of mine.... continue reading


When Depression Makes Church So Hard

Alison Mitchell | May 15th 2018

She probably thought I was very rude. G sat next to me on Easter Sunday morning, smiled and asked how I was. But I just nodded my head and looked away. She didn’t try again.... continue reading


4 Ways We Can Make the Church a Safe Space for People with Mental Illness

Chris Cipollone | May 14th 2018

While it’s not fair to expect those who have never lived with mental illness to completely ‘get it’, here are four ways that churches can begin to make space for those who live with mental health issues.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: U, V, W, X, Y & Z

Eleanor Dell | May 11th 2018

The Friday Quiz takes on characters whose names begin with one of the last 6 letters of the alphabet. Have you got what it takes to be a Bible Genius this week?... continue reading


The Weirdest Conversation I've Had in the Gym

Tim Thornborough | May 10th 2018

“Where is God?” he said. There was an awkward silence from the seven or so people sat broiling in the hot box.... continue reading


The 3 Enemies of Rest

Adam Mabry | May 8th 2018

If l were Satan, my goal would be to make sure Christians were as useless and un-rested as could they be.... continue reading

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