3 reflections after my first year as a Christian

Eleanor Elms | July 16th 2019

Things that have helped me in my first year as a Christian. ... continue reading


How to Enjoy Your Inheritance Today

Alistair Begg | July 11th 2019

One day, you and I are going to be very, very rich.... continue reading


The Sickly Sweet Fly-Trap Of Sentimentality

Dan Strange | July 9th 2019

This idolatry is subtle, but like a venus fly-trap we’re lured in and then stuck in its sickly sweet stickiness. ... continue reading


Scrolling And Squabbling: Can You Really Do Evangelism Online?

Katy Morgan | July 8th 2019

Do you flick through Facebook in bored moments, stopping to scrutinise friends’ baby pictures or judge their meal choices, but never commenting or posting anything yourself?... continue reading


Help! My Home Group Leader is Wrong…

Tim Thornborough | July 5th 2019

It’s home group as usual — the coffee is poured, Janice has made a cake that is going down a treat, and there is an excited buzz around the room as we share how our week is going.... continue reading


Every Child Needs a Hero

Richard Roper | July 4th 2019

It’s true. Well, it certainly was for me. From the days when I first learnt to read I found mine in the pages of books. On a wet afternoon or during a boring visit to an unknown auntie a small boy who reads would be complimented, given a biscuit and left alone while his imagination took him to places far away from his mundane surroundings.... continue reading


iWorld: Understanding the Transgender Philosophy

Vaughan Roberts | July 3rd 2019

What is the root of the expressive individualism that drives the transgender movement?... continue reading


How Our Church Recruited 20 New Children's Ministry Pastors For $300 Per Year

Dave Griffith-Jones | July 2nd 2019

Every church I know wishes that it had more people and more money to be involved in children’s work. We all wish we had the resources to have more groups in Sunday School, more work in schools, more clubs during the week, so that more children could know and love Jesus. How can we recruit workers for this young harvest field?... continue reading


Running On Empty

Jonty Allcock | June 27th 2019

When we take God’s commands seriously, then sooner or later—sooner, in fact—we face the question: How do I do what is impossible for me to do?... continue reading


The Good Book Company Welcomes Geoff Dennis

Eleanor Elms | June 27th 2019

We’re delighted to welcome Geoff Dennis to The Good Book Company family. Geoff is our new VP of sales and will be based in our Charlotte office. To get to know him a bit better, we interviewed him about his life, his career so far and what he’s looking forward to in his new role. ... continue reading

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