1% of evidence for Jesus is enough...

John Dickson | September 23rd 2019

History is not just real; it is also knowable. Not fully knowable, of course. Probably less than 1% of ancient remains remain today. But 1% is enough to provide precious insight into the real lives of first-century men and women. Try this thought experiment…... continue reading


How Do I Tell My Wife I Was Abused?

Jennifer Michelle Greenberg | September 19th 2019

I knew when I began this journey that I’d likely hear stories from other survivors too. What I didn’t expect was that over half of them would be male.... continue reading


Times Glen Scrivener Has Got It Wrong In Evangelism

Glen Scrivener | September 17th 2019

This is a dangerous topic. It’s not dangerous because my confessions of failure will spoil my otherwise flawless projection of Evangelistic Success. No, in the words of Austin Powers, that train has already sailed. ... continue reading


When the Christian Community Loses Someone to Suicide

Alison Mitchell | September 12th 2019

How are we to respond when we hear sad news such as pastor and blogger, Jarrid Wilson, taking his own life this week? ... continue reading


Raising Black Boys With Hope

Kristie Anyabwile | September 12th 2019

My son hasn’t always known he was black... continue reading


“Jesus and the Lions’ Den”— it’s not a misprint!

Alison Mitchell | September 10th 2019

There are some Old Testament stories that pop up in almost every toddler Bible: Noah and the ark, Jonah and the big fish, David and Goliath…

Daniel in the lions’ den is one of those—but there’s far more to it than most infant Bibles show—which is why we have cheekily called the story “Jesus and the Lions’ Den” instead.... continue reading


Have You Ever Lost Trust in God?

Elodie Quetant | September 3rd 2019

I once did. It felt like a balloon in my chest quickly deflated. As I ransacked my mind for Scripture to keep me hopeful, my faith’s air level neared zero, and then it was too late—my heart decided to blame God. I never experienced this before. Even when life served its worst circumstances, I had faith that God saw and heard me.... continue reading


Peculiar Passages: The Case of the Cows and the Fishhooks

Rachel Jones | August 29th 2019

Some Old Testament prophecy is pretty weird. And it gets even weirder if we actually stop to imagine what it’s describing. That’s certainly the case with this snippet from Amos...... continue reading


His Testimonies Are My Heritage

Elicia Horton | August 28th 2019

I have grown up the majority of my life not really knowing or understanding much about my Mexican, Spanish and Native American heritage.... continue reading


Peculiar Passages: the Strange Case of the Forbidden Raisin Cakes

Katy Morgan | August 27th 2019

There are plenty of actions and attitudes that the Bible describes as wrong. Lying, thieving, adultery, anger, selfishness, pride, boasting… and eating raisin cakes.... continue reading

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