On the Podcast with Sinclair Ferguson: Hidden Treasures in Jesus' Genealogy

Sinclair Ferguson | October 22nd 2021

We talk to Sinclair Ferguson about his new Advent devotional. ... continue reading


The Women in Jesus’s Genealogy

Sinclair Ferguson | October 21st 2021

Women are mentioned only occasionally in biblical genealogies (as in 1 Chronicles 1:32, 50). Usually these family trees take the form “X [the father] begat Y [the son]” and make no mention of the mother. What sticks out in Matthew’s account of Jesus’ genealogy is that it mentions five women altogether. There must be a reason for this. And why only these women? After all, every man listed had a mother.... continue reading

We are Waiting People

Sinclair Ferguson | October 19th 2021

They say time is relative, and it can certainly seem that way as Christmas approaches. To a busy parent—with presents to wrap, cards to send, meals to prepare, and spare batteries to remember to buy—time seems to fly. There is not enough of it—and there is simply too much to do.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Daniel Strange: The Longings Our Culture Just Can't Stop Expressing

Daniel Strange | October 15th 2021

As Christians we sometimes feel like we're on another planet to our unbelieving friends and family.... continue reading


Christmas Cards in an Instant Age

Emily Robertson | October 14th 2021

There’s something wonderfully warming about receiving a handwritten card or letter. Having endured multiple lockdowns over the last 18 months, the importance of letters, parcels and personal signs of relationship over physical distance has been brought into sharper focus. Every card that was sent or received symbolised connection that couldn’t be expressed in other ways.... continue reading

Talking about Jesus in a way that connects with modern culture

Timothy Keller | October 12th 2021

In the present book, Dan briefly recaps the “subversive fulfillment” method, but his burden here is to show how this approach plays out specifically in five areas of human longing and need. Using the work of J.H. Bavinck, he argues that there are five fundamental things for which all human beings are searching and to which all of us are inevitably drawn “magnetically”.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Blair Linne: How the Gospel Heals the Pain of Fatherlessness

Blair Linne | October 8th 2021

The gospel promises not just forgiveness but also a place in God's family.... continue reading


Confronting the Truth of Fatherhood

Blair Linne | October 7th 2021

I was 18 when I realized my backbone was no longer made for bending. Prior to that, fear had won for so many years. Now I finally pried off the muzzle from over my mouth and confronted my father’s scarceness during one of our sporadic phone calls.... continue reading

Pastors, Care for the Fatherless

Blair Linne | October 1st 2021

Orphans struggle in insurmountable ways because of their fathers’ absence. God in his omniscience anticipates the needs of the fatherless. Not only does he express his heart toward the fatherless by declaring that he is a “Father to the fatherless” (Psalm 68:5), but he also tells the church to care for the fatherless as well.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Randy Newman: Learning from C.S. Lewis

Randy Newman | October 1st 2021

Randy Newman skillfully helps us to apply the methods Lewis used (storytelling, humour, imagery and more) in our own conversations.... continue reading