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What is Father’s Day to the Fatherless Child?

Blair Linne | June 18th 2021

Growing up without my father on Father’s Day, I would often make out my card to my mother. I would tell of all the ways she provided for me and protected me and how grateful I was. As I’ve grown older I realized that my mother could not take the place of my father. Her role was to model things about God that were different from how my father could. Of course, ideally, the two of them would be Christians working together to create a beautiful bountiful bungalow for me to thrive in.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Helen Thorne: Finding Hope in an Anxious World

Helen Thorne | June 18th 2021

Whether mildly, moderately or severely, feeling anxious is something most of us experience at some point in our lives. ... continue reading


Remembering Ben Shaw (28 February 1968 - 17 June 2021)

Tim Thornborough | June 17th 2021

Tim Thornborough shares a tribute to Ben Shaw, who passed away on 17 June 2021.... continue reading

Is Life Spiraling Out of Control?

Helen Thorne | June 17th 2021

Life can be desperately difficult. The impact of the fall is everywhere and hard things come at us each day. Sometimes it feels relentless. Sometimes we’ll want to weep. Of course, the Lord has deep compassion for us in those moments - his love and care never fades - but, we don’t always remember that. When it’s hard, it’s easy to get distracted and let our minds think things that just aren’t true.... continue reading

Anxiety doesn’t have to be a lonely place

Helen Thorne | June 14th 2021

Anxiety is a lonely place. A cursory glance at our social-media feeds and everyone else appears to have it all. Even when we remind ourselves that social media isn’t an accurate representation of how life is, that sense of being alone with our pain can remain.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Richard Coekin: Finding Courage From the Witnesses of Hebrews 11

Richard Coekin | June 11th 2021

In this episode we discuss the extraordinary chapter of Hebrews 11.... continue reading


Christians Are Not Called to be Chameleons

Richard Coekin | June 10th 2021

Christians should not be hiding their faith. We should not become spiritual chameleons: desperately trying to fit into the culture of this world to remain camouflaged and safe from predators who might expose and condemn our faith. But many of us are under immense pressure to do just that.... continue reading

We Need to Hear the Crowd

Richard Coekin | June 8th 2021

The London Marathon serves as a metaphor for the Christian life. For, while it’s an incredible privilege to know God through Jesus, Christians get weary, face opposition and feel discouraged. We certainly want the everlasting satisfaction, triumph and joy of the finish line in heaven.... continue reading

On the Podcast with Tony Merida: How to Love Your Church

Tony Merida | June 4th 2021

God calls us to be "devoted to one another in love" (Romans 12:10). What does this look like for us today?... continue reading


4 Reasons We Church Hop, Shop, or Quit

Tony Merida | June 3rd 2021

Why is belonging to a church such a challenge? As Christians, we need to overcome at least four obstacles to live out the biblical vision of a gospel-centered, Spirit-filled community in the church... continue reading