Friday Quiz: Getty Music

Rachel Jones | September 22nd 2017

Following the Getty Conference this week, we've put together a quiz test your musical knowledge ... continue reading


Why Do We Sing?

James Burstow | September 21st 2017

There is something special about music. Something that’s hard to explain. It stirs our emotions; it lifts our hearts—but that is not all it does. ... continue reading


Nabeel Qureshi: A Personal Reflection

Dean Faulkner | September 18th 2017

Good Book Company Events Manager Dean Faulkner shares his memories of a packed conference where the recently deceased Nabeel was the main speaker. ... continue reading


What’s the Magic Word?

Carl Laferton | September 18th 2017

Why we need to teach our children more than manners ... continue reading


Friday Quiz: 2 Timothy

Rachel Jones | September 15th 2017

The Friday Quiz takes on 2 Timothy—Paul's letter of advice and warning to his protégé. Have you got what it takes to be a Bible Genius this week?... continue reading


Confessions of a Prayer Hypocrite

Rachel Jones | September 14th 2017

3 reasons we find praying for the world so difficult ... continue reading


Talking to Your Children About Transgender

Andrew T. Walker | September 13th 2017

How to talk to your children about transgender — an extract from Andrew Walker's new book, God and The Transgender Debate. 

 ... continue reading


Irma Howls: Praying in the Aftermath

Barry Cooper | September 12th 2017

How do we pray for our world in the wake of Hurricane Irma? ... continue reading


Transgender — A Radically Different Response to the Debate

James Burstow | September 12th 2017

How should Christians respond to the transgender debate? ... continue reading


The Friday Quiz: 1 Timothy

Rachel Jones | September 8th 2017

The Friday Quiz takes on 1 Timothy—Paul's letter of pastoral advice to his protégé. Have you got what it takes to be a Bible Genius this week?... continue reading

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